Best Places to Eat and Visit in Croatia

16 March 2016 / By Alex Dragas

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By Alex Dragas

Croatia, the country of a thousand islands, is one of the up and coming top tourist destinations in Europe. A diverse country, Croatia has something to offer everyone. Known for its beautiful beaches, ancient cities, friendly locals and mouthwatering food and drink, here is a tour of some of Croatia’s finest cities.

First stop, Dubrovnik needs no introduction. This world renowned city has become one of the hottest destinations worldwide, due to its numerous charms. The crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the ancient, milky white city walls look like they’re straight out of a movie. The historical parts of Dubrovnik are gorgeous. The city walls, forts, museums, the Franciscan and Dominican monasteries, the cathedral are a must see when in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is also the inventor to one of the world’s most popular desserts, flan. Alongside flan, some of the best wines of the region can be tasted in Dubrovnik. Wine yards all across Dalmatia and even Herzegovina bring their finest wines to Dubrovnik. Paired with those wines are numerous Dalmatian delicacies. Fresh grilled fish, black risotto, squid will make your mouth water. But no feast can go without first introducing the famous Dalmatian prosciutto and Paški cheese. With an appetizer delicious like that, imagine what the main course tastes like! Bon Appetite!

A view of Split

A view of Split

After Dubrovnik comes Split. Split is an ancient city in which the famous Roman emperor Diocletian was born. His palace, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, is something that everybody should see for themselves. One of Europe’s hottest parties, the Ultra Europe festival is hosted in and around Split. The football stadium of Hajduk Split, one of Croatia’s most famous clubs, called Poljud, is also a place worth checking out. Besides the night life, Split will delight your pallet with its excellent choice of fresh fish, straight out of the Adriatic. Split’s specialty is the octopus peka. An octopus with potatoes is put in a big metal or clay container, covered by a huge metal lid and ashes, and cooked slowly for hours. The octopus and potatoes soak up each other juices, making a meal unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Pour some excellent Dalmatian white wine in your glass, and enjoy the various flavors dancing around in your mouth.

Rijeka Korzo, Image from

Moving on a bit further north, Rijeka is the final seaside destination. Rijeka is the center of Croatia’s Kvarner region, which kind of connects maritime Croatia with the Croatian hinterlands, and by extension mainland Croatia. This region is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia, teeming with lush vegetation, hills, ancient monasteries, museums and much more. It’s no wonder that a lot of visitors to Croatia decide to rent out a car in Rijeka and explore Kvarner on their own. But the city of Rijeka itself also offers a lot. Theaters, museums, night clubs, parties, Rijeka can satisfy a wide array of people. The continental and maritime influences are seen through the city in various architectural examples, but it is this fact that makes Rijeka one of the top gastronomic destinations in the whole of Croatia. Famous Dalmatian delicacies, like the ones found in Dubrovnik and Split, coupled with some meals typical for the mainland, such as Slavonski kulen, rakija and peka with pork will make anyone happy!

A view of Rijeka, Image from

A view of Rijeka,
Image from

And now for something a bit unconventional, Delnice. Delnice isn’t Croatia’s most popular destination, but it has a certain magic to it that few other places have. Located in the Gorski Kotar area of Croatia, Delnice is kind of a bridge between Rijeka, and the country’s capital Zagreb. Delnice are a place of peace and snow. You’ll be able to experience an intimate side of Croatia, rarely seen by many. The traditional lifestyle and buildings will make you believe you’re in some sort of fairytale, especially during winter time. Be sure to visit the keep of the Zrinski family. The Zrinski family is one of Croatia’s oldest noble families, and their keep contains a lot of history. The traditional food is also amazing. Plenty of local beers and hard liquors will make you warm during long winter nights, and plenty of traditional, homemade food will delight your palate.

Diversity, cheap prices, friendly locals and some amazing food and drink make Croatia a paradise on earth. Aside from these cities, Croatia offers a whole lot more. National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, countless islands, cities, small towns and villages will make your trip of Croatia one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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