By Sam Cohen

Had you applied for the US passport? Did you just get news that the passport application has been denied and rejected? Well, it is needless to say that the feeling at that moment is quite excruciating. It is true that getting a new US passport is not that difficult a job. The Department of State has some strict rules and regulations, which have to be followed in particular. No flexibilities are allowed in the rules whatsoever. It takes almost 4-6 weeks for the passport to be processed and when news of denial and rejection comes at that time, it is truly frustrating.

When you apply for new US passport, make sure that you know about the common causes which lead to rejection and denial of passport application form. You will be able to avoid the hiccups successfully with these. Read on to know more about some of the common reasons behind the rejection of application form for US passport:

  • Outstanding warrants – Before issuance of a new passport, the State Department wants to carry out a thorough background check of the individual. the identity of the individual is verified along with checking if the person has some kind of criminal history and records or not. In case an outstanding criminal warrant is tracked against the candidate, there are cent-percent chances that the application will be rejected.
  • Missing documents – This is one of the most common reasons for which passport forms are often rejected and denied. Check minimum 3-4 times that all the necessary documents which are required for getting a new passport are furnished with the application form or not. Make a check-list and match the documents with the same for additional safety.
  • Back taxes – Another reason for which you might be denied a passport is that you have arrears in federal income taxes in the country. The tax filings that you have should be accurate and correct with no discrepancies. Also, see that the filings are up to date at the time you apply for the US passport.
  • Illegible photocopies of documents – Photocopies of various documents have to be submitted along with the application form. When the photocopies are made, check that they are neither too dark nor too light. The print should be such that it should be legible and be as good as the original copy. Any distortion in the photocopy of the documents might also lead to cancellation of the application form.
  • Felonies – Cases of felony can hamper with international travel. While carrying out the background check of individuals, if a case of felony is found, it adds a bad patch on the record and there are high chances that the passport form will be rejected.
  • Back child support – If you are behind on child support payments or if one owes back child support by more than an amount of $2,500, there are high chances that your passport application form will be rejected and denied. It is recommended to bring the status of the child support case to current and then there will be no problem in the issuance of a passport.

There are many passport agencies which help in getting passports for people. In fact, they can arrange in getting same day passport as well if needed. They can also guide people regarding the issues which can lead to passport rejection and denial.