With 11 official languages, signature dishes and warm vibrant people South Africa is a place with so much to offer. This melting pot of unique cultures is what forms the colourful rainbow nation, a cultural destination that should be on everyone’s bucket lists. As a result we have put together a brief overview of three different cultural cuisine traditions in South Africa.

Chesa Nyama 

Amongst African cultures a big get together is a standard and current occurrence, where everyone is family, music’s always playing and laughing all around. A traditional meal at one of these events will consist of a choice of meat accompanied  with “mielie-pap” a form of polenta made from mielie-meal (ground maize) topped with chakalaka and atcher relish sauces.



Adopted by the Cape Malay, Bobotie is combination of unique traditional flavours. Made from minced meat and a egg-based topping baked together to form a square of local goodness. This meal is normally served with yellow rice  followed by Koeksusters” for something sugary, a deep fried dough with a sweet syrup.



From the Afrikaans speaking community you learn to love Brandy and Coke coupled with a Saturday night’s Rugby. It’s difficult to leave out a traditional barbeque which they refer to as a “braai” so much so that we even have a national holiday to support it. “Biltong” is a traditional favourite, dried out meat with a variety of spices and for dessert.