Massive Changes in China Visa Rule; Find Out What They Are!

15 November 2016 / By Sam Cohen

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By Sam Cohen

travel-chinaIt is indeed a huge country with too many languages, too many dialects to leave any native Chinese

In November, 2014, USA and China had decided to increase the validity of short term, business and tourist visas for each other’s citizens. This included the students as well as the exchange visas as well. The term that was decided upon was of 10 years for the Chinese applicants who had qualified for the B-category non-immigrant visa for the purpose of business and tourist travel. According to the plan, the qualified Chinese students as well as the exchange visitors along with their dependants were made eligible for multiple entries for a term of either 5 years or even the length of their program provided they qualified for F, M or J category visas. On the other hand, the US citizens who were eligible for Chinese short term business or tourist visas were allowed multiple entries for a period of 10 years. Further, the qualified US students were recipients of residency permit for 5 years or till the completion of their education.

But, as per the new changes which will be implemented from the end of November 2016, the 10 years Chinese passport holders with either business or tourist visas will require an Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) enrolment in order to enter the United States of America. According to the US Custom and Border Protection (CBP), all Chinese passport holders with a B-1 or B-2 visa are required to possess the EVUS. This has been implemented to such an extent that 29th November, 2016 onwards, the Chinese citizens who fail to comply with the new rule will be barred from entering the US. According to the US Government, the purpose of the implementation of the EVUS is to enhance national security.

This move has affected nearly 2.7 million Chinese citizens who come under the above mentioned programme. Even, apart from possessing the EVUS, those people who will have multiple flights before entering the US will have to get all details verified before boarding the first flight in order to avoid further problems. All these things would apply for the Chinese citizens who would enter the US through sea or even by land.

Inspite of the fact that the application form is available in the website of the government in both English and Mandarin, it is mandatory that the details are filled up in English. Enrolment costs as is decided will be $8 and it will be valid for 2 years or until the validity of the Chinese passport or Visa, whichever comes first. What is more important is the announcement that Chinese travellers who do not update their EVUS every 2 years will lose the validity of their 10 years visa.

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