By Kevin Richard


You love adventuring, don’t you? And conquering the huge mountains is your preference, right?

So, it is necessary that you will have to prepare plenty of things for your conquering journey, the foods included.

Because they are very important for your trip, you need to know exactly what foods bring more energy to you. Look at here!

What Do I Eat during Your Mountain Climb? – Top 10 Energy Foods for You

#1. String Cheese

Take the a cheese slicer in your kitchen to cut the huge cheese into the small pieces. No! No! What complicated!

Nowadays, everything becomes simpler. Go to the local stores and choose to buy string cheese to pack when climbing.

With 60% of calories, it provides more energy for the climbers. As known, climbing is an activity, which needs a lot of energy.

Therefore, to ensure the circulation process and maintain the respiration, the backpack of the climbers cannot lack string cheese.

#2. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate has originated from the cacao seed. This is one of the energy-rich foods because each of ounces provides at least 170 calories, especially the dark chocolate.

Aside from that, chocolate still contains the essential minerals such as iron, manganese, and magnesium. It includes the antioxidants, which is useful for the overall immune function.

Furthermore, two stimulant compounds – caffeine and theobromine in chocolate are beneficial the nervous system.

Consequently, it will be necessary if you prepare some of the chocolate bars for your climbing day.

#3. Dried Fruit

Groups of various kinds of dried fruits on white background

Similarly, honey is rich simple carbohydrates – glucose and fructose, which also help boost endurance during climbing.

#5. Tortilla Wraps

No fat, no cholesterol, but tortilla wraps contain an ideal content of calories ~ 120. Even, some still have the high intake of calories ~ 290.

Climbing requires the muscles that work so much, so the climbers need more energy. Each of serving of tortilla wraps is approximately 2g of dietary fiber and 44g of carbohydrates.There are many reasons for the popularity of dried fruit. Apart from the essential minerals, they are still composed of fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

100 grams of fresh plums only provide 46 calories while the dried kind contains more 240 calories.

Not only the climbers but the athletes also add it to their diet.

#6. Granola & Energy Bars

Though the name is different, both granola and energy bars contain the appropriate source of energy to help boost the mental alertness.

Yes, climbing – a sport needs the endurance and strength. The muscles will have to work constantly.

Correspondingly, you will need to supplement the protein intake enough for your body. Each of energy bars can provide 10-20 grams of protein, along with the vitamin C, K, B, and zinc.

Don’t leave these bars when you start a climbing journey!

#7. Caffeinated Gel Packets

It can say that caffeinated gel packets are the nutritious arms of many athletes, the climbers included.

Frequently, it does not include fat and protein. Instead, they provide more calories, which are necessary for those who maneuver more.

Even though there are still some arguments related to their health benefits. But, it can deny that caffeinated gel packets are good enough for a climber.

#8. Mini Burritos

One way or another, a large number of people often prepare mini burritos for camping or picnic. What about climbing? – It is okay!

The main ingredients are vegetables, so they provide more fiber and protein.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds – Lycopene, naringenin, chlorogenic acid, and Beta-Carotene. The most are black beans, which contain more calories ~ 227. So good!

Obviously, it does not take more time to prepare, but it makes sure that you will get a significant energy source.

#9. Chocolate-cover Espresso Beans

When climbing, we need a head in full possession. Not chocolate-cover espresso beans are only rich in fat but also caffeine.

Averagely, 40g serving provides more 300mg of caffeine. You can easily find them at the local stores.

In case you worry about the high caffeine intake, you can make them at home. You just use two ingredients – espresso beans and a chocolate bar. Like that, it is healthier the products available on the market.

#10. Nuts

nuts on a table different kind of nuts

View from different angles, nuts provide a lot of protein, energy, omega-3, vitamins, and minerals.

For the climbers, we recommend to using almonds and cashews. Almonds have the high nutrition, in particular, 207 calories, 5g of protein and fiber,… They are good for heart and brain.

If you prefer cashews, no problem. A number of calories in cashew is the same as almond. They are only poorer in fiber and vitamin E than almonds.

All depend on your preference and need. Basically, both are okay.


What foods do you often pack during your mountain climb? How many foods do you pack like our list?

But frankly speaking, all foods shared above are rich in energy. And each of the climbers needs plenty of energy for their climbing day.

That’s why we recommend that they ought to carry these foods for their journey. If possible, let’s place all them into your backpack. Happy climbing enjoy!!!

About the author:

Kevin Richard is the founder of Richard’s Pantry. He spend plenty of time in the kitchen every day because he love cooking healthy and delicious foods for my family and friends. Cooking gives him a chance to be creative and fun. It’s also one of the most meaningful ways to express my love and take care of my little family.