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We typically use sources on the internet to plan our trips, both planned and spontaneous. There are an incredible amount of apps available that can assist with locating hotels, restaurants, markets, and fun events. Below are some of our favorites:




Hotel Tonight


XE Currency


The following items are just “odds and ends” that may come useful depending on your situation.

The world’s 1st pocket size washing machine!

For those dreamers who loves napping


I know!  Right?  When you have to go-you have to go!

Here you will find a gift-gadgets guide for your favorite backpacker

And here’s a link from True Normads on Couchsurfing

Travel Resources from What Would Jane Do?

When we travel outside the US, three (3) apps for communication back to the US have been used successfully for free as long as you are able to locate a “free” WiFi location. Make sure your friends and family with whom you wish to communicate also have the app! Try it out before you leave the country.


Whats App 


For the 1st time, we used utilized Global EntryGlobal Entry worked extremely well from logging-in to going through customs but ultimately we were slowed by TSA agents; even though, you are automatically enrolled to TSA Pre by enrolling in Global Entry.

If you’re going on a cruise, USA Today travel section has an excellent article and tips

What we also found another Legal Nomads Blog by and have found it to be extremely complete.

The resources listed above should prove useful when it comes to planning a spontaneous overnight getaway or a long journey to a foreign country. It can help you create a realistic budget and goals to enjoy your trip stress free.

Please feel free to comment and/or suggest anything that could be added here. Safe travels!

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