Americans traveling to Vietnam are required to obtain a tourist visa.  Let us help you navigate through this process!

We have noticed a considerable increase in clients interested in traveling to Vietnam.  This is exciting for us because we love the country and all it offers.  Before you go, you must obtain or arrange to get a visa upon arrival.  Although it seems like it is a long and arduous task, we will help you get through this process.

First of all, we want to emphasize that visa requirements can change.  Before embarking on any task, be sure to look up what is currently needed.  We recommend looking at the US State Department website.

Now, there are three ways to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa:

Through the embassy, Pre-approval for Visa on Arrival, and an E-Visa.  We had issues with completing the E-visa. But much of the E-Visa websites had improved since our initial encounter with them when they were 1st introduced.

Obtaining a tourist visa while still in the States takes a little time.  You can apply through the Vietnamese embassy in person, by mail, online or email.  The Visa is sent to you by mail.  We did this for our first visit to Vietnam a few years ago and had no issues.  It just required us to plan ahead of time to account for processing and mail times.

Pre-approval for Visa on Arrival.  We worked through one of our travel partners to obtain the pre-approval letter for the Visa and also for car service to our hotel.  We highly recommend this service.  We provided our travel partner general information required for the visa: Full name, date of birth, gender, passport number, issue and expiration date of the passport, place of issue and the arrival city, date and flight number.  We then received by email our letter of pre-approval.

In our case, since we arranged for the Visa on Arrival service with our travel partner, a company representative met us upon disembarking off the plane.  Next, we were then escorted to Ho Chi Minh City’s Visa on Arrival counter.  In addition to the pre-approval letter, you must bring US dollars to pay for the Visa ($25/person for a single entry) and two passport sized photos.  We accidentally forgot our photos.  Luckily, for only $5, we were able to have our photos taken on the spot.  After we got our tourist visa, the company representative escorted us through an expedited immigration line (no wait!) to obtain our baggage.  Once we received our luggage, another company employee took us to our car for transport to the Park Hyatt Saigon.   Our drive was enjoyable and extremely comfortable.  Naturally, refreshing towels, cold water, and WiFi access were provided for the 30-minute ride.  Additionally, our guide filled us in on “must know” information on Ho Chi Minh City, assisted us with check-in and waited for 30 minutes after arrival at the Park Hyatt to make sure we were settled in.  Talk about the first-class service!

We hope you will find these tips helpful on your visit and travels throughout Vietnam. Contact us for additional questions and let us know if we could help you plan that fantastic journey!