6 Signs You’ve Survived a Trip to Madagascar

11 February 2015 / By Jess

Madagascar is a stunning island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa that offers a variety of wildlife and nature reserves. If you’re planning to go and dislike animals and nature, this may not be the best location for you! Although, they do have great beaches if you love dipping your toes in the sand. If you’ve already been, you’ve survived the exotic sights of Madagascar.

You think the Avenue of the Baobabs looks like a Dr. Seuss set

While it’s not a pastel colored landscape, the Avenue of the Baobabs features thick trees with minimal leaves that almost look like caricature drawings. It’s definitely a sight to see and should be on anyone’s bucket list if they’re in the area. Located in the western region of Madagascar, this road lines Morondava to Belon’i Tsiribihina. But there is a legend behind these beautiful trees. Down on the road, there are two trees that are twisted together. Not usual for its type, it is said that these two trees loved one another and grew for hundreds of years, entwined in each other because of a love they couldn’t have. You wouldn’t think there is a romantic legend behind trees, but there is!

You may want to visit again soon as these trees are in danger of deforestation since they are not a part of a national park.

You’ve hiked in the Marojejy National Park


This national park is in the Northern region of Madagascar and there are camps you’re able to visit and stay at this national park. These three camps are called: Camp Mantilla, Camp Simpona and Camp Marjojeija. Some of these camps are located in the rainforest along a trail in which you can hike up and see the spectacular views of the national park.

But make sure you’re ready to see cute little creatures on your trip! There are over 115 species of birds, almost 150 species of reptiles and 11 species of lemur. Speaking of lemurs, the silky sifaka lemur is one of the top 25 most endangered primates, so be careful not to mess with any on your trip. These are all common animals that you’ll be seeing in the forest and you should respect their territory.

You’ve attended the Short Film Festival of Madagascar

For the past decade, the Short Film Festival of Madagascar has been bringing light to culture and the arts in their small country. There are competitions and honorable awards for competitors. When you think of Madagascar and movies, you may think of the DreamWorks release, Madagascar, the animal movie for kids. But there is more to Madagascar than a children’s movie. Although, if your children are present with you on the trip, use a tablet to put on Netflix and show them this movie! While you may have to unblock it, it will allow them to be entertained and excited before any safaris they may go on!

You’ve gone on a Jenman African Safari

Speaking of Safaris, Jenman African Safaris offer safari trips for you to take on your vacation. Some of these safari packages also include spa trips before or after where you can book multiple days at their resort. With different packages, you can take a kayak out, spearfish, snorkel, ride a horse, take your chance with 4×4 off-roading day trips, sightsee in a helicopter and much more! Talk about a luxurious safari!

You’ve found a serene beach

Since Madagascar is an island, no matter where you stay, you’ll have access to a beach by driving or by lodging on one. But if you’re looking for a serene beach, there are plenty of deserted ones that have soft sand, ghost crabs and beautiful crystal clear water. Locals have stated that they are fairly easy to find, as there are so many. Depending on the beach you go to, you can snorkel, ride a bike or just relax in the sand and soak up some sun.

You’ve visited Madagascar’s most sacred spot

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga was the historical village that was once the homeland of Madagascar royalty and is also a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage

Center. With the outside walls being built in 1847, this was once the home of King Andrianampoinimerina and is also a burial site now. There are even artifacts around the premises as well. It’s a cool abandoned location to check out that is rich in history!


Many people often forget about Madagascar because it’s not a large area and it’s not connected to any country. It’s small and at the “bottom” of the map. But there are so many beautiful sights, wildlife and things to do in Madagascar that makes it a once in a lifetime experience to visit. If you’ve been there, you’ve survived this lush and beautiful island.

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