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When it comes to selection a place to eat, various features will draw you in. If you’re looking to indulge in some of the most expensive meals available, read this post here. Otherwise, find a bit of thrill in finding some of the most secretive dining spots in the country. While half the fun is discovering these hidden gems, the other half is reserved for the delicious food and drinks they’re serving to patrons. For nine of the best hidden restaurants in America, check out the list below.

SafeHouse — Milwaukee, WI 

SafeHouse has been one of the best secret restaurants in America for 40 years. You’ll first have to find an unmarked door to even enter the restaurant. Then you’ll have to provide a password to gain access. What if you don’t know the password? You’ll have to complete a mission before being given the code word. Once you’re finally inside, you’ll be mesmerized by the unique, eclectic decor.

As for the food, you can expect tasty appetizers like award-winning fried Wisconsin cheese curds or appropriately named Nachos Camp Stanley. As for the main course, they have a selection of delicious sandwiches and burgers, as well as meatloaf and ribs. There’s truly something for just about everyone at SafeHouse. You just have to find it first.

Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse — Los Ranchos, NM

Once again, you’ll have to search for this hidden restaurant, and once you find Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steak House, you’ll ned a password to enter. To make things even more exclusive, the password changes weekly, and there’s no sign outside. When you do find the door, be sure to knock three times and wait for someone to slide open a little window to retrieve your password.

If you’re lucky enough to get through the door, you’ll be blessed with the opportunity to bite into 21-day wet-aged beef. And believe us, it’s worth every penny.

El Carajo — Miami, FL

This next restaurant is about as hidden as a restaurant can be. El Carajo is strategically placed at the BP gas station on 17th Avenue and US 1. You’ll have to look for the restaurant inside the “Food Store and Deli” but know they’re serving up a lot more than typical gas station fare. At El Carajo you can expect more than 2,000 wines as well as incredibly tasty ceviche and chorizo.

Chef Vola’s — Atlantic City, N.J.

Chef Vola’s is an unmarked Italian restaurant with just 12 exclusive tables. It’s located in the basement of a house and only those with the right connections and dine there. Even their website doesn’t list a phone number or address. To eat at Chef Vola’s you’ll need a password and connections with the right crowd.

Club 33 — Anaheim, CA

Club 33 just may be one of the most exclusive restaurants in America. Less than 500 members are allowed in the club located in the New Orleans area of Disneyland. To become a member, you have to put your name on a waiting list with an average waiting time of 14 years. It’s been said that Walt Disney opened Club 33 to wine and dine only the most important guests. Either way, you’ll need a membership card to get past the “33” mirror at the entryway.

William & Graham — Denver, CO

William & Graham is the kind of speakeasy experience any visitor would want to experience. You can access the joint through a bookcase/hidden door. There’s a reason it was named one of the best 50 bars in the world by Drinks International. But they’re crafting a lot more than just refreshing and noteworthy cocktails. You can also chow down on traditional bar food like burgers and snacks, as well as steak, pork chops and more.

The Pink Door — Seattle, WA

The Pink Door in Seattle is named after the one feature used to identify it. Otherwise, you’d likely pass it right up. The Pink Door is a self-described “Italian-American Restaurant and Cabaret Lounge.” Their seafood is some of the most flavorful and fresh around, making their Ahi Tuna Crudo or their Fresh Northwest Oysters worth every single penny spent on them. Like any good Italian restaurant, you’d be wrong to pass up the pasta, but with so many delicious options, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to one. Once you locate the unique pink door, good luck trying to decide what to order!

Bohemian — NYC, NY

You can only land a spot at Bohemian in New York City via invitation or referral. Their phone number remains confidential among repeat customers and their friends and family. If you want access to the hot spot, you’ll be a referral by someone who’s already been. According to their website, you may also send a short self-introduction to the staff at Bohemian through the website and earn an invitation that way. Good luck!

Fred’s Breakfast — New Hope, PA

You’ll need a special key to get into this members-only breakfast spot. Fred’s Breakfast is named after the dog of owners Chris and Ellen Bollenbacher. This breakfast joint has just 31 seats, and you can bet they fill up fast. At Fred’s the breakfast is made to order, and the baked goods are made fresh right there in the bakery each day. If Fred’s sounds like something you want to be a part of, go ahead and add your name to the waiting list. Just be prepared to wait for anywhere from four weeks to four months for a special membership key. At just $20, the keys are a steal and entirely worth the wait.

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