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27 June 2017 / By
St. Kitts

When preparing for your upcoming trip to a sunny beach destination, everyone packs a few swimsuits.  However, there are a few other things you should consider including. They take up very little luggage space and make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Beach bag
beach bag and towel

beach bag and towel

Some higher end hotels provide a bag for use during your stay.  However, many places don’t.  How else will you comfortably carry all of your essential items to the beach?  This is also multi-functional.  It can also be an additional bag to pack your unplanned souvenirs at the end of your holiday.

  • Protective gear
shades and books

shades and books

Remember to pack the essentials: sunscreen, bug repellant, sunglasses, and a hat.  Sure, you can buy these items anywhere, but it will surely be less expensive at home.

  • Rash guard

This over swimwear item is something I recently discovered and absolutely love.  It’s perfect to throw on for a paddle boarding session.  Although sunscreen works well, it tends to wear off of my fair skin much shorter than the advertised 80 minutes.  I love the sun, but I don’t like to get dark nor do I want to damage my skin from the intense sun.

  • Beach Mat

This mat is perfect when you set off to discover hidden beaches.  Without beach chairs to lay on, I still like to have some sort of barrier between my towel and the sand.  Easily packable and light, the beach mat fits the bill!

  • Floatation Devices
flotation device

flotation device

This is a fun thing to have when you spend the day at the beach. Tom and I love to swim and snorkel.  However, there are times we simply want to enjoy floating on the water and enjoy the gentle waves.  The easiest to pack and inflate is a donut shaped ring.  Be sure to pick a nice sturdy one to support lounging in the water.  We picked up one at a big box type of store for under $5.

  • Collapsable Cooler

This item is indispensable for us.  A day in the sun requires adequate hydration and snacks.  There is no better way to keep things chilled than with your personal cooler. We fill this up with ice at the hotel, stock the cooler with grocery store purchased beverages and treats, and head off to the beach. It’s perfect to bring with you to enjoy as you float in the warm water.

A tropical beach vacation is an ideal way to get away from it all.  Tom and I are fortunate to travel and we occasionally forget to pack things and wish we didn’t.  The items above are our essentials for any sunny destination.  Do you have any thing that you cannot live without on a beach vacation?

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