Tasting of BCA Restaurant St. Kitts

24 December 2013 / By travel4foodfun@gmail.com

Although we’ve visited St. Kitts several times, we always discover a new gem each time.  This past visit we found the best “hole in the wall” restaurant, ever!  It’s called BCA.  If you want true Kittian food, you must come here.  It’s located in downtown Basseterre, hidden within a courtyard next door to the purveyors’ retail store.  The retail store has regular hours; however, this amazing restaurant that has a small kitchen, and no tables, is open only on Friday and Saturday evenings for dinner.  It’s also not a late night place.  It’s just a kitchen that serves fresh and delicious food.  Why is it amazing?  The owner has a farm and is a butcher as well.  Everything is home produced, and home cooked.  The flavors are over the top amazing.  Our favorite item here is the blood sausage.  We are already looking forward to returning to this most incredible find on our next visit to St. Kitts! 

BCA-Hidden Gem-St. Kitts

BCA-Hidden Gem-St. Kitts

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yes i can second that…..its my Brothers place when i go out there i often help out ‘great food’ my mouths watering just thinking about it…….

Now our mouths are watering. Especially for the delicious blood sausage. We hope to return for a visit soon.

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