Buy Diazepam Xanax If you love seafood and enjoy poke, do yourself a favor and skip the overpriced tourist restaurants. Countless local spots will make your taste buds swoon in delight! Pick up a selection of poke to-go and find a lovely place for a picnic…which is everywhere in Kauai! We hope you enjoy our favorite Kauai food destinations as much as we did!

Buy Valium From Canada IMG_0713Our favorite poke market in the north region is The Dolphin Fish Market. The market is located around the back of its’ sit down restaurant and sushi bar. Out of our favorite places, the selection here is limited to a handful of poke preparations and sushi rolls. However, the taste and texture were fantastic. Our favorite was the salmon poke. IMG_0716We stayed in Lihue and found two fabulous seafood markets. Seriously. Amazing. Food. One place we visited was Fish Express. They serve a fantastic array of poke, seafood, salads, and lunch plates. For us, it was all about seafood. Tom and I still drool when we think of the tasty lobster poke and the spicy ahi poke. The seaweed salad was fresh and a great compliment to the seafood. IMG_0710Our favorite market, mainly for the Korean-influenced options and the number of veggie choices, is Ara’s Sakana-ya. The blue crab poke was juicy and flavorful. The spicy ahi poke wasn’t covered in sauce but had a nice dusting of chili flakes. The wasabi tako had a nice kick. The pickled onions and Korean veggie salads were spectacular accompaniments.

Buying Valium Online In Canada IMG_0678Kauai is surrounded by water and seafood is everywhere. However, we found it challenging to locate an affordable sushi restaurant. We searched Yelp and stopped by highly rated Makai Sushi in Poipu. Four months ago, chef/owner Matthew traded in his food truck to rent space in a local grocery store. We had the most fantastic gorilla bowl (half ahi and half salmon). Oh wow! The poke bowl was filled with delicious seaweed, veggies, and fish. The amount of food for the $14 dish is indeed a bargain. I only had enough room in my stomach for the toppings, so I pawned the rice off to Tom! Once again, thinking about this bowl is making us hungry! When visiting Kauai, or any other Hawaiian island, be sure to get off the beaten path. We love “hunting” down foods and unique treats throughout Kauai and everywhere in the Hawaiian Islands.  As Hawaiian Specialists, we could help put together a fantastic journey for you and your loved one! Contact Us for questions and additional details.