By Rebecca:

Are you planning for another good time? Want to know more about how to enjoy your much-needed R and R? Do you need to find out more about fishing trips and how to enjoy them? Allow me to help you with that!

A fishing trip is a great experience!

I was lucky to have such a supportive family; they knew how to raise kids to love fishing. And ever since my dad taught me how to fish, it’s been now more than ten years of enjoying fishing trips!
You can check out my fishing shenanigans and stories ! It’s a great read you should go ahead and click on it for a fun time!
I discovered the best formula for maximum satisfaction whenever I go on one! The smell of the water (both fresh and saltwater are equally satisfying I tell you!) and the feel of the breeze, being one with nature and its elements, the thrill of the catch and the solemnness of the wait, it’s all ecstatic!

My top 10 tips to remember to keep your fishing trip awesome!

After a while, with some unforgettable moments enjoyed, paired with some I’d rather not remember and put under the rug, I’ve gone ahead and made a list of tips to help me keep the fishing trip as awesome as possible!
Everything’s quite easy! Here are my top 10 tips:

#10 Always make a plan in advance


For a woman who keeps track of everything, this is my number 10. Sure, there are the occasional last-minute decisions to go on trips in a few days’ time. But I’ve discovered that the most enjoyable trips to go to are those that I have carefully planned!
• Get a mobile app to make you keep track of your schedule everywhere you go
• Have a content planner, or a small notebook to keep things well organized

#9 Save enough money


You don’t have to be a 6-digit earner to have a cool fishing trip; this is what I want to emphasize with number 9. Some cost me a lot, but even on basic salary one can enjoy! What’s important is that you save enough for the trip. I’m not saying you should always be lavish about spending for vacations, but to be honest, the best fishing trips I also went to are the expensive ones – Costly, yes, but worth every penny!
• When you have your plan, or even beforehand, make sure you know how much you’re spending not only for the trip but your gear, rentals, commodities, etc.
• Start saving now! Even the little things, like food and limiting spending on wants, helps!
• It’s good always to bring extra and have more than enough saved.
You should also check out the area and find out the best accommodations to visit for a fishing trip there!

#8 Don’t be a cheapskate!


I’ve regretted going to places that offer the cheapest rentals, and the cheapest places to stay, and the cheapest kind of food. It turned out to be a horrible experience! Number 8 doesn’t encourage you to buy the most expensive but go for the reasonably priced things when on your trip. I mean, that is the reason you saved – to enjoy your money’s worth.
• Aside from checking prices. Always check reviews and comments about the things you’re buying.
• Keep track of everything you need to buy beforehand
• Always have more than enough in your budget saved before you start spending
• Focus more on what you need, rather than what you think you want to have

#7 Organize the time


A trip being too quick or too long can spell disaster. You don’t get to experience the best parts when it’s too fast, and you’ll start to get frustrated and tired if it’s too long. That’s what number 7 is all about. It all also depends on where and when you’re going. So the time you need should be well thought of before you launch out there.
• A weekend is a perfect time for going on a trip.
• A one-day trip to another location is not recommended. Spend more time at the area than traveling.

#6 Travel comfortably


That’s right! Number 6 dictates that you need to enjoy yourself even during your journey towards your destination. You won’t be able to fully benefit from the trip if you’re cranky because of the rough ride or the horrible seats. You will find this tip most helpful if you’re going on a long trip at a faraway place.
• Don’t take the long ride there or going home. If your budget allows you, take the shortest time there possible
• Organize it well enough that your things are safe and that they are packed well so you’ll save the hassle of worrying and unpacking.
• Have a nice playlist ready and enjoy your ride there with some music and games.

#5 Bring all the necessities and pack light


To be honest, I don’t rely a lot on rentals and buying stuff in the area. I only rent/buy them when I have to, and I bring my stuff. That will be our focus with number 5. Though you might find the two conflicting, a quick explanation will let you see how both harmonize.
What I mean by bringing all the necessities is to bring what you need. Like the gear and the clothing, etc. Disposables are a no-no, you can buy them at an affordable price, and these just add to your bulk when trying to get there. When you pack light, you not only travel better, you’ll also have a much easier transition when you’re finally packing to go home.
• Use lighter backpacks or sling bags to save the hassles of difficulty carrying
• Do not carry heavy stuff if unnecessary, and pick portable things to bring, like a compact camera, fishing rod, etc.
• Disassemble things to pack them easier, and your set of clothes should be just enough, don’t pack too much for a short trip.

#4 Choose a great location


Number 4 is in the top 4 for a reason and is almost self-explanatory – this is what makes or breaks a trip. Choosing your location is a priority as this is the place where you’ll be enjoying your R and R. This includes not just the place where you’re fishing, but also the place where you’ll be spending the night or eating.
As a personal favorite, I keep coming back to where I believe the best fly fishing in Colorado!
• Check if it’s not overcrowded that time of year
• Check the fish are biting and ask around, or check reviews about the area.
• Make sure it’s safe and fits your budget

#3 Get the right gear


The tools make the man, or woman, as I would like to say. When we are talking about number 3, we are suggesting making use of the right gear for the right situation. As you’ll need the correct kind of fishing line, the most effective lures, the high-quality rods and everything in your gear and tackle to suit the situation right!
• Bring a variety that suits where and what kind of angling you are doing
• Research and learn more about what best to bring, like what stuff you need for your best rigs and ties.
• Always have enough with you and bring some extras just in case

#2 Bring friends and family


No man is an island! That’s number 2 for you! I love how enjoyable fishing is, even alone. But the fun and excitement are multiplied tenfold when I spend it with others! It’s great teaching them, and even better learning from them! You also get to brag about the things you catch. This is a perfect chance to raise your kids to love fishing!
• Friendly competition can do wonders for your enjoyment
• Bonding strengthens your relationships

#1 Learn to stay positive!


Of all the tips I find important, number 1 is what it is. It’s not always a perfect experience, but the best of the best anglers always know how to keep things positive whenever things go sour. An unplanned event or something bad may happen, but when you keep things positive you’ll always have a great experience no matter what negative things come your way!
• Always smile! Laughing keeps you motivated, relieve stress, and promotes the release of happy hormones!
• Surround yourself with positive thoughts and persons
• Enjoy what you’re doing and don’t let negative things linger or bring you down.


Hi, everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I just love to write and to fish! My friends call me Becca. I’m 22 years old and am currently residing in New York working at an office. With some free time I always give in to my passions, and that’s why I started creating blogs and a website about fishing, it’s two of my most favorite things!