The Strand Hotel Yangon, Myanmar A Review

Experience: Upon my arrival, I was impressed with the colonnaded entrance at The Strand. The architecture and furnishings transported me to the era of colonial opulence. Elegant black and white...

17 10 2017
Why You Need to travel to Myanmar

The people of Myanmar have adapted well as the country transforms from colonial rule to military rule to now, a society with more freedom where the people and government balance...

04 10 2017
The Best Top 10 Tips For An Awesome Fishing Trip

By Rebecca: Are you planning for another good time? Want to know more about how to enjoy your much-needed R and R? Do you need to find out more about...

27 09 2017
Myanmar Travel – An Overview Itinerary

Initially, I was reluctant as I’m used to managing my own itinerary. Also, I would be traveling without Lora. With her encouragement and my curiosity for a country which I...

20 09 2017
Anthem Phuket Wake Park
Top fun places to visit with kids in Thailand

By Priya: It’s probably much easier to plan holidays involving adults. A grown-up's idea of a holiday is all about feeling at peace or seeking adventures. Even a day spent...

12 09 2017
Top 10 Energy Foods to Carry during Your Mountain Climb

By Kevin Richard Introduction You love adventuring, don’t you? And conquering the huge mountains is your preference, right? So, it is necessary that you will have to prepare plenty of things...

30 08 2017
Five Vacation Travel Tips To Save Money

By John Alex Vacations!!! The most joyful word all around the world leaving behind the age factor, gender and time. Vacation is, a pleasing word for every age group under...

24 08 2017
Great London Restaurants for Vegetarians

By Sam Cohen Vegetarianism is rapidly growing in popularity as people wake up to the devastating ethical and environmental effects of meat farming. There are now 1.14 million vegetarians aged 15...

17 08 2017
Venture out into D.C. metro area to try these great restaurants!

Tom and I have traveled to the Washington, DC area on many occasions.  We are impressed with the food and beverage scene.  From high end options to budget friendly choices,...

15 08 2017
A Weekend Around Kangaroo Valley, NSW

By Olivia Bourke Often considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in Australia, Kangaroo Valley is a wide valley surrounded by the high mountains of the Southern Highlands. The...

08 08 2017
Camping Adventure in Maui

Tom is a camping aficionado. Although we didn’t stay here, we had to check out Camp Olowalu. It is situated a mere 10 minutes from the tourist hub of Lahaina....

03 08 2017
Enjoy Italian Deli from the Comfort of Your Home

By Sam Cohen Get top class Italian deli online from the right Italian food shop and get Italian delicacies delivered to your home. To enjoy gourmet food in the comfort...

26 07 2017