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Until, we were introduced to a different route. We can fly directly into Nevis via San Juan on Cape Air.  After doing research, we actually discovered that flying to San Juan and then connecting to Cape Air for a direct flight to Nevis was actually less expensive and very convenient. Who knew?!

If you are looking for a unique and affordable flying experience to complement an amazing stay in Nevis, look no further than Cape Air. Although we have flown on small commuter flights, the Cape Air flight to Nevis has a completely different feel…and that’s what we love about it. In San Juan, you begin by checking into your Cape Air flight at the counter located in terminal A next to JetBlue. Upon check-in, everything is weighed, including handbags (a first for us)!

After checking in, the procedure is typical until you board your ride to Nevis.  The plane is an 8 seat Cessna, so small it’s like your own private plane. Before boarding, all of your carry-on items, including backpacks and handbags, are placed into storage compartments to balance the plane. No items go on board with you except for something that can be placed into the seat back pocket, such as reading material. There are no flight attendants, food or beverage service, or restrooms. It’s just you, a few other passengers, and the pilot. It makes for an intimate trip.


Small planes tend to be loud and bumpy compared to their large jet counterparts. However, the feel of the Cape Air flight wasn’t much different than commuter planes with triple the amount of passengers. The ride was comfortable and the view was breathtaking.

Our pilot, Captain Rani, was incredible. Speaking with her, we learned that she has being flying the San Juan-Nevis route daily for the past three years. You can tell she loves her job by her interactions with the passengers. Captain Rani told us that depending on the weather, she typically flies at 8,000 feet with a ground speed of nearly 200mph. The flight to Nevis takes a little more than an hour and a half. Cape Air’s in-flight magazine is called “Birds Eye View” and it is a great description of the view during the flight. Because of the cruising level being considerably lower than larger jets, we got an amazing sight of the landscape below. We saw boats sailing on the ocean and small islands dotted throughout the sea.


Another bonus flying on a small plane into Nevis is the speed in which you pass through customs. Since there aren’t many passengers, the line at customs is practically negligible. After customs, it’s a quick drive to where you are staying on the island (rather than a ferry ride and then a taxi if you fly into St. Kitts)!

Tom and I were extremely surprised by how much we enjoyed our flight on Cape Air. Most people are familiar with large jet travel. However, few have experienced flying on a small plane such as our Cape Air flight. It provided a completely different flying encounter that most travelers never experience. If you find yourself traveling to Nevis, consider flying directly to the island with Cape Air for an exceptionally enjoyable plane trip and a remarkable experience.

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Cool stuff! I’ve only flown Cape Air between Hyannis and Boston. Congrats on the dive cert in St Kitts. We really love diving, such a great activity that you can do for the rest of your life. Safe Travels!

Cape Air was a great surprise for us! We would do it again. Completely agree with your thoughts on diving; we love it and hope to move on advance diving! Safe Travels to you as well and thanks for visiting!!

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