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06 March 2014 / By T4FF

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are constantly seeking out new restaurants to discover tasty food and delicious drinks.  However, we are also passionate and innovative cooks and love to find the best products to prepare meals at home.  If you are a seafood lover like us and are looking for a great variety of fresh and delicious fare, look no further than Catalina Offshore Products based in San Diego, California.

Catalina Offshore Products is a seafood distributor as well as a retail operator.  Founded in 1977 by Dave Rudie, the initial offerings were seaweed and live sea urchins harvested from his diving off Catalina Island.  Since then, the company has grown into an operation that offers a large variety of seafood products that are fresh and sustainable.  Catalina Offshore Products only obtains seafood directly from trained and reputable fishermen that uphold the highest standard in fishing and handling procedures.  Also, to this day, divers thoughtfully harvest California uni on a daily basis and are careful to ensure the practice is sustainable.  We love this methodology.  Hey Catalina Offshore- on our next visit to San Diego we would love to dive with you and catch some delicious sea urchin and native fish speciesJ.  We will then treat you to an amazing meal utilizing our cooking skills with the bounty!

Inside Catalina Offshore

Inside Catalina Offshore

Even if you do not reside near San Diego, no worries!  You can have a shipment of incredible seafood sent directly to your home.  Indeed, Catalina Offshore Products even exports their products as far away as China and Japan.  One day, we decided we wanted to have sushi night at home.  There isn’t a place to obtain fresh and unique sushi and sashimi products near where we reside in Connecticut.  Tom’s favorite seafood source is Catalina Offshore, so we perused the website and decided upon an exciting selection for our meal.   Even though we live on the opposite coast, we received our shipment the very next day.  It is obvious that Catalina Offshore is very efficient and careful about packaging their products.  The seafood arrived perfectly chilled and the quality unharmed in the shipping process.  We love to go out for sushi, but it’s also nice to stay home and throw your own sushi and sashimi party.   You don’t need fancy rolls that can be overwhelming and mask the fish.  If you have delicious seafood, like the products from Catalina Offshore, all you need is a knife and maybe a little wasabi and rice.  The fresh and flavorful seafood will shine on its’ own!  We ordered their renowned California Gold uni, which was nicely firm and tasty.  The Toro was incredibly rich and melted in our mouths.  The Ahi tuna was a nice counterpart to the fatty Toro.  The Hamachi was perfectly delicious.  The monkfish liver was absolutely delectable.  Honestly, we had a sushi and sashimi feast that rivals the best sushi restaurants (in our opinion, at least!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn a recent visit to San Diego, we knew we had to stop by the storefront and check out our favorite seafood supplier.  During our visit we met with Tommy Gomes, Catalina Offshore Products’ highly revered fishmonger.  The seafood business runs through Mr. Gomes’ veins.  Mr. Gomes comes from a family of fishermen.  We learned that he has fished off all 7 continents before arriving at Catalina Offshore Products in 2003.  Listening to him talk about his experiences and the products offered by the company, you know that his passion for seafood is deeply entrenched. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the facility lead by Mr. Gomes.  Now we know how we received a shipment of excellent seafood the very next day.  The warehouse and storefront are pristine.  The facility is large, but everything is extremely organized and efficient.  A process is in place for local deliveries, those to other areas throughout Southern California, and finally for shipments beyond LA.  During our visit, the storefront had a live cooking demonstration featuring samples of delicious tacos utilizing fish from their display counter.  If you aren’t sure how to prepare fish or want to try a new recipe, just ask!  Mr. Gomes and his team want to share their passion about seafood.  At the conclusion of our visit, we asked Tommy for his recommendation for a great sushi or seafood restaurant.  He immediately recommended Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub in Oceanside, CA.  Naturally, we took his advice and had the most amazing meal there (

Catalina Offshore Products is an amazing seafood distributor.  Restaurant chefs near and far obtain delectable seafood from the company.  Lucky for us, there is also a large retail section that allows us to obtain the same quality product as high-end restaurants.  If you haven’t already tried Catalina Offshore, do yourself a favor and sample their offerings.  You will not be disappointed!

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