I’ve been in many lounges, both domestic and international. Domestic lounges tend to be pretty barren in terms of amenities. International lounges are where this benefit counts.



In all of my years of international travel and being a guest in airline lounges, Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing”Lounge in Hong Kong’s International Airport truly shines. The lounge spans two floors. The first floor tends to be quieter than the upper level. The primary thing the first floor has is a bank of shower rooms. We didn’t try this out as we came to the airport directly from our hotel. However, we can imagine how amazing this would be after a long-haul flight, waiting for a connection. There’s also a business center with several computers and a printer.





The upper floor of the Business class lounge hosts “The Long Bar.” It indeed is an expansive bar that has a magnificent view of the tarmac. I’m a huge fan of champagne and am so delighted that Cathay Pacific serves Moet & Chandon. The quality of the wine and champagne offerings are top-notch. The bar is full service and can concoct anything you desire. There is also a decent selection of beer. Throughout the lounge, there are multiple coolers with non-alcoholic choices, including water, soft drinks, juices, milk, and soya milk.




There is also the “Coffee Loft.” If you need a caffeine fix, this place is for you! In addition to getting any espresso-based drink, you may also order Haagen Dazs ice cream, pastries, cookies, and sandwiches.

There are also a couple of “Western” based food bars with a variety of hot and cold options that are sure to delight.

The star, however, is “The Noodle Bar.” Here you can get fresh made dim sum and noodle soups to order. The adjacent food bar has “Asian” foods such as congee, fried rice, and noodle dishes.


If you ever get a chance to connect through Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, we cannot recommend “The Wing” lounge more highly! It is a beautiful oasis to refresh, recharge, and re-energize.



Also, if you happen to be near gate 65, Cathay Pacific’s “The Pier” lounge is equally great, but different.  The Wing is large and grand and crowded, whereas The Pier is cozy and more intimate.  Tom prefers The Pier because it’s less hectic.  It still has the Noodle Bar, the Long Bar,  espresso offerings, a multitude of Asian and Western bites.  But it’s far less crowded.  So if you happen to be in Hong Kong for a short layover, don’t fret if you can’t make the trek to The Wing.  Stop by one of the satellite lounges!  They’re equally spectacular!

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