Cheapest summer days to fly

08 May 2017 / By Sam Cohen

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By Sam Cohen

However, the best tip to save all around the year is to compare airfares.

Cheapest summer days to fly

For domestic travel

May 20 – As airfare jumps on May 20 with the beginning of expensive pre-summer flight pricing, you should depart on or before 20th May.

June 14 – Flight prices again jumps from June 15 as the priciest vacation fares appear. But you can save significantly by flying on or before 14th June.

August 30 – This day is the beginning of less expensive fall flight season. If you can wait until late August, you can find some real cheap air tickets.

For Asia travel

May 14 – Flight prices jump from May 15 for pre-summer season. So fly on May 14 or earlier.

June 8 – A drastic airfare hike starts from June 9. So, if you can, start your journey by June 8.

July 19 – Airfare rises yet again from July 20. So start on July 20 or earlier.

August 7 – Summer airfare drops somehow on August 7. So you can start on this day and get a cheap air deal.

August 20 – From this day, a significant airfare-drop gets underway. So you can take advantage of this date and get a hold of cheap business class flights.

For transatlantic and Europe travel

May 11 – Peak travel season and so the expensive airfare season for Europe gets underway from May 12. So start your trip on May 11 or earlier.

August 21 – From this day the fall airfare begins and so the fares come down radically.

Cheapest summer travel tips

  1. Start on the cheapest days – You can save during any season of the year by starting your journey on the cheapest days. And those days are,
  • In the U.S. – Saturday, Wednesday and Tuesday
  • In International cities including Europe – Midweek days 
  1. Compare flight rates – Don’t ever skip to compare flight rates as no airline always offers the best airfares. If you can’t compare, then also you can get a good deal but probably against higher payment toward the airfare.
  1. Compare airports – If you’re from a small city, you must compare flight rates from the hometown airport and rates from the nearby hub airport. Though bigger usually means cheaper, that can make you have a longer drive to the airport.
  1. Think about connecting flights – Longer flights are typically cheaper if you take a break. So compare costs between non-stops and connecting flights.

Cheap summer travel destinations

When it comes to having an inexpensive summer vacation, you must choose a cheap summer destination. Here are some inexpensive destinations year-around that don’t change in June, July and August. But, as always, compare rates to get the cheapest business class flights.

America – Cheaper cities

  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Lauderdale
  • Denver
  • Dallas
  • Boston

Europe – Cheaper cities

  • Stockholm
  • Paris
  • Oslo
  • Dublin
  • Copenhagen

Europe is especially cheap all around the year letting you find some best deals to Barcelona and London, and even Rome.

Dos for summer travel

  • Shop around in advance – Even if you want to travel locally, shop for June air tickets now. If you’re not sure about where to go, you can consider the destinations mentioned above to find a good deal.
  • Make reservations for events – Kick off your online search for getting tickets for tours, museums and other events – popular attractions usually tend to sell-out faster during summer.
  • Pack your bag – Some airlines increase their checked-baggage fees during peak months like June, July and August. To save on that, you can use a carry-on. Even if you have to pay more, a carry-on will be better than other bags as it stays with you so there is no chance of being lost. Try to cram the essentials in your carry-on.

If you’re all set to start, find a great deal and have a memorable summer.

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