El Fredo’s Restaurant and Bar St. Kitts

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El Fredo's Restaurant-St. Kitts

El Fredo’s Restaurant-St. Kitts

El Fredo’s serves delicious, authentic Caribbean fare.  Primarily a “local’s” spot, El Fredo’s is becoming more popular with tourists craving a restaurant that is unique to the city.  El Fredo’s is located on Newtown Bay Road, overlooking the water.  It is located within walking distance of the port.  If you’re on a cruise and want to sample fare, wander over to El Fredo’s.  It is a nice respite from the crazy activity at the port on cruise days. Also, there is free wi-fi!  Be sure to ask for the code.

The restaurant is very welcoming.  If you wish to dine outside, there are tables in the courtyard.  Otherwise, the majority of the tables are indoors.   When we arrived at lunchtime, the restaurant was teeming with local business people.  Tom decided upon the garlic conch lunch special.  It was very garlicy (of course) and flavorful.  It was served with a salad, veggies, and rice.  Lora had the conch roti which was surprisingly spicy with great curry flavor. Whenever we dine, we always ask for hot sauce.  For the most part, the hot sauces are locally made.  This means every restaurant has a different sauce.  The sauce at El Fredo’s has wonderful flavor and a nice, spicy kick.  Definitely give it a try!

El Fredo’s is a great restaurant in downtown Basseterre.  It has become one of our “must” go to restaurants when we are in St. Kitts.

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