Farmers Markets in Kauai, Hawaii

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When we travel, food discovery and eating is very important to us. A favorite way for us to explore a new destination is to dine as the locals do. We have found that steering clear of the usual tourist dining establishments not only allows us to really delve into our chosen vacation locale, but it’s also much less expensive! A great way to do this is to frequent a local farmer’s market.

IMG_0720Farmer’s markets are hugely popular in Kauai. On any given day, there’s sure to be a market open in Kauai. We visited three of them during our stay and found that each has their own unique flavor. Be sure to get there early as all of the products are fresh and quantities are limited! Our favorite market for fresh fruit was in Kapaa at the Coconut Marketplace . We bought sweet and juicy rambutan, tasty pineapple, and plump longan fruit to go along with poke we picked up at a local seafood market.

IMG_0646For locally prepared foods, we enjoyed the Culinary Market at Kukuiula Shopping Village in Poipu. This market is set in an upscale shopping center teeming with shops and restaurants. A popular stand, The Right Slice, sold pies prepared from local fresh fruit. We’re not pie people, but our taste of the mango passionfruit pie makes us converts! The market also features live music, a beer garden, and family entertainment. It’s a fun experience for all.

IMG_0721Lastly, we went to the Kauai Community Market in Lihue. This is truly a gathering of locals. There was a nice selection of locally prepared foods, products made from Kauai resources, and freshly picked fruits and vegetables. It’s also a great place to talk with the farmers and learn about where and how the food is sourced.

IMG_0719Visiting local food markets is a fantastic way to learn more about a place. Whether you’re visiting Kauai, another country, or the town next door, go to a market. Try a seasonal offering. You won’t be disappointed!

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Glorious pic of the pineapples! A big part of Hawaii’s attraction are all the unique local foodie favorites. I’d love to try the fresh fruit pie, sit in a beer garden and listen to live music. The climate makes it all possible–LOVE Hawaii!

Thank you for the kind words! You are correct about the unique local foods – the selection was amazing! We couldn’t get enough of it during our short stay! Current plans is to return in early fall because we too LOVE Hawaii! Enjoy!

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