Finding value in your Frequent Flyer Miles

26 April 2016 / By

One area that can be particularly frustrating is the frequent flyer miles system. Gone are the days of relative ease of use and decent value of miles… Or is it? If you possess precious miles, there are still deals to be found. Be creative with your search and you may be rewarded!

Delta Airlines has gotten a (well deserved) reputation for devaluing miles. Because of this, we’re looking at using our miles to close out our account so that we can focus accumulating points with a carrier with more point value. Recently, Lora had a work trip taking her to San Antonio and I wanted to accompany her. After checking with Kayak, I discovered the least expensive flight was with Delta for $334 roundtrip. That’s kind of expensive, considering we can get a ticket for a similar price to Hawaii or NYC.


Then I went directly to the site to find out what I would be able to get using my miles. The lowest fare was 30,000 miles round trip! Yikes.


So, I enlisted help. Lora recommended that I use the one-way fare search. The outbound flight was 12,500 miles with the cost of $5.60. Yes!


I did the same thing on the return flight. It required 13,500 miles with the cost of $5.60. The total round trip from San Diego to San Antonio was ticketed for a grand total of $11.20 vs. $334.00. I also saved over 4,000 frequent flyer miles in purchasing flights on a one-way basis vs. a roundtrip search. Now what to do with the rest of the miles I have left over?

Have you recently “scored” a deal by being resourceful about converting your miles etc. Let us know in the comment below!

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