By John Alex


The most joyful word all around the world leaving behind the age factor, gender and time. Vacation is, a pleasing word for every age group under any circumstances. When we plan a vacation trip, there is so much to plan so that all of this would end up as a pleasant experience. We are adding here a few tips that will help you to save time and money of yours on your next vacation trip.

Booking is the first step, Plan it quite earlier:

Keep one thing in your mind that you are not going to enjoy your vacation if you won’t be able to find the most desired accommodation at your destination. The best vacation spots around the world are completely trapped when vacation season is around so you must plan approximately 6 months before and get the accommodation booked for yourself. they usually take half of the payment in advance and rest when you are over there so do not be late or you will have to compromise over your desired location or facilities.

Leave toiletries while packing:

Some people are so perfect in packing their travel bags that they cannot leave a single thing of their use outside their travel kit. They even take their tooth picks with them, well, that is sometimes more important than anything else. We will recommend you to leave things that belong to toilet totally out of your luggage like towels, tooth pastes, brushes, shorts, flip flops, and soap. You will find everything in your hotel so you don’t need to use yours. You will have double advantage by doing this, firstly, you can use them afterwards and thus, save some money from your groceries and secondly, when your luggage is weighted and charged, every single bit that drops is important.

Find travel packages from different apps:

Never rely on a single app, install many apps and check them regularly for travel deals. There are many packages and discounts that keep coming from different vacation spots and if you are in touch, you can get the best deal for your next vacation. If it is not possible for you to open all those apps and check manually, just subscribe for their services and the deals will be dropped right to your mail box.

Do not spend too much while packing:

Remember one thing that you are going to enjoy the vacation and not for a fashion ramp walk. Money is important for you as you are going to travel so save your money. Just buy the things that you won’t worry if they are lost. Remember that during your travelling, you can leave any of your belonging behind so remember that, do not buy anything expensive to take it with you. Even the most minor but important thing is your shoes. It is recommended to keep a pair or two of cheap flip-flops specially if you are going to see some beach because it often happens that you lost your shoes while travelling.

Map your visit:

Once reached and planning to start your day, take the map to your desired spot and mark all the places that you can visit during your one-day visit or a short tour to some spot. You can easily touch all the spots you should visit if you have a proper plan with you. If your day is not planned properly, your time and money both would be wasted while searching around for restaurants and famous spots.

Hope you are now able to plan a better trip ahead and we assure you that if you will keep the tips listed above under concentration, you will have the best time ever!

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