Muay Thai and Spa treatment at the Four Seasons, Koh Samui

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Upon arrival at the outdoor reception area, Tom and I were treated to a spectacular ocean view of Laem Yai Bai. From this vantage point, we noticed the property is expansive and lush with vegetation and coconut palm trees. We were told that the world-renowned landscape artist, Bill Bensley, designed the property to ensure privacy for guests while preserving the natural environment.


We visited the property when it was at full occupancy. However, the resort felt peaceful and quiet. The clientele ranges from honeymooners to families with children of all ages to mature travelers and groups. Four Seasons Koh Samui caters to everyone’s wants and needs. The resort offers a great variety of leisure and physical activities. The beach and pool area are well equipped with a variety of loungers and non-motorized sports activities. There is a large kid’s activities center. A beautiful fitness center overlooks the ocean. Some exciting new additions in the pipeline include a new beachside youth center, a 50-meter lap pool, and a small cinema that guests may book for a luxurious movie night experience.


During our visit, Tom and I participated in the Muay Thai Adventure, unique to Four Seasons Koh Samui. The afternoon-long experience started with a private Muay Thai lesson at the resort’s boxing ring that has expansive ocean views. Our instructor was Eat. Eat is a retired Muay Thai boxing pro who has loads of experience teaching both professional athletes as well as beginners like ourselves. We began with Eat carefully wrapping our hands and wrists with cloth tape for protection. And then the hour-long lesson commenced. After a thorough warm up, Tom and I were already glistening with sweat. Luckily, we had a fantastic ocean breeze off of the beautiful backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand to cool us down (…sort of)! Then it was down to business. Eat taught Tom and I the basic punches, kicks, and blocks. Drill after drill, Eat incessantly pushed us to perfect the moves. Over and over. With sweat running down our faces. Luckily, we were also at Four Seasons and not at Eat’s personal gym, so we stopped to wipe our faces with cool washcloths and sip ice water. Then we sparred with Eat. Eat was persistent. He wanted us to punch harder and kick with more power. It was an intense but enjoyable lesson that ended with a cool down stretching session. We appreciated Eat’s instruction and desire for us to perfect the basic moves. So much so, we plan to take lessons at home!


The Adventure continued with the Muay Thai Recovery treatment at The Spa. The spa is a secluded sanctuary on the property. Treatment villas are strategically positioned amongst the landscape, allowing spa patrons to feel as if they alone are the only guests. The spa treatment following the Muay Thai lesson is all about physical and mental recovery and rejuvenation. Upon entry to the spa, we were treated to organic almonds, chock full of nutrients to replenish our bodies after a draining session with Eat. Then, Tom and I were escorted to our personal villa where we were treated to a lovely foot soaking and massage. Afterwards, we spent 30 minutes in a detoxifying herbal steam bath followed by another rejuvenating foot and leg massage. Already feeling like jelly, we completed the treatment with a muscle relaxing 60 minute massage using a specially concocted essential oil containing essence of black pepper, clove, and ylang-ylang to revive our muscles after a strenuous Muay Thai session.


After revitalizing our bodies, we needed to feed our souls with an authentic Thai meal. Had we been at the property on a Wednesday evening, we would have been delighted with their Bounty of Thailand dinner, which features dishes from the different culinary regions throughout the country. We did enjoy a wonderful meal at Koh, which is the resort’s Thai restaurant. We dined on a delicious banana flower salad, a Thai beef salad, and a regionally inspired preparation of soft shell crab. All of which were accompanied with a glass of Monsoon Valley white wine, produced in Thailand. And, to satiate Lora’s sweet tooth, we finished with homemade coconut and mango ice cream.


Four Seasons Koh Samui is one of the premier properties on the island. The service was impeccable, the grounds were stunningly groomed, the activities were thoughtful, and the dining experience was perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Four Seasons Koh Samui. Now that we are back home, we fondly think back to our visit and hope to return soon to this island paradise!

Muay Thai Package
Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui
  • Round-trip transportation between the airport and the Hotel
  • Daily buffet breakfast for two guests
  • Muay Thai workout gear on arrival for one guest to take home
  • One Muay Thai session with a professional for one guest
  • One laundry credit for Muay Thai gear
  • Muay Thai Recovery spa treatment for two guests once during your stay
  • Trip for two to Chaweng to see a live Muay Thai competition

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