Hillcrest Farmers Market – San Diego, CA

01 November 2016 / By travel4foodfun@gmail.com


A mild climate enables farmers to grow fruits and vegetables year-round. One of our favorite places to shop for local and in-season bounty is San Diego’s Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.


The Hillcrest Market is open every Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM. Currently, there are approximately 175 vendors, selling a large selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Other edible treats are available, including delectable baked treats, homemade dips and sauces, tasty beverages, and locally sourced meats and seafood. Additionally, some artisans are showcasing their handiwork. The market also comes to life with booths offering an array of plants and flowers for sale.


Culinary enthusiasts descend on the Hillcrest Farmers Market to dine on dishes prepared on site. The number of options is staggering. If you have a hunger for Asian cuisine, be sure to try the yakitori skewers or Indian curries. Wash the tasty meal down with iced Vietnamese coffee. Or, try smoked salmon and pair it with a delicious salad. One of my favorite treats is homemade tamales and pierogis. As you can tell, this market is a perfect place to piecemeal a fun Sunday brunch or lunch.


After strolling through one of San Diego’s largest and best (in our opinion) farmer’s markets, be sure to explore the neighborhood. Hillcrest is a fun and eclectic area full of fantastic restaurants, bars, and shops. We cannot think of a better Sunday morning outing in San Diego and hope you enjoy the market and neighborhood as much as we do!

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