Napali Coast Sunset Cruise Kauai, Hawaii

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One place that we knew we had to see during our trip was the Napali Coast. The dramatic 17-mile coastline of 4000-foot cliffs, waterfalls, and valleys has been the backdrop of many films, including Jurassic Park and South Pacific.

The only way to see the iconic coast is by hiking a treacherous 11-mile trail, via a helicopter tour, or on a boat. Tom and I decided to see the breathtaking coast by taking a Napali Sunset Cruise with Holo-Holo Boat Tours.


Our excursion began by meeting at Holo-Holo’s storefront in Port Allen. During the winter, the water can be choppy. Due to the rough seas on the North coast of Kauai, the only way to reach the Napali Coast by water is from the southwest. Before we set off on our 3.5-hour cruise, Captain Glenn summarized the tour and itinerary. He also emphasized that since it is winter, the water can be rough and to expect to get wet. Captain Glenn encouraged people to take good care when walking around the boat and to have medication for seasickness if needed. On the positive side with winter cruising, it is whale watching season, and the likelihood of seeing them is high.


On board the 65’ power catamaran, there is ample seating both indoors and outside. Once settled, Kama and Bronson, the boat’s attendants, photographers, and first aid assistants tended to each passenger. There is unlimited maitais, beer, soft drinks, and water. Snacks of chips and cookies were also provided.


Although Tom and I have been on other boat tours and cruises, the choppy water caused us to be nauseous. Luckily, Tom, Kama, and Bronson helped me through a terrible feeling. After drinking cold water and sucking on ginger candy that is available in the boat’s galley, I felt better. Ginger ale and the fresh air helped Tom.


Almost immediately, and throughout the entire trip, we saw whales. Captain Glenn did a fantastic job of slowing down for all of us to see these incredible animals! With the water-life on one side of the boat and the spectacular Napali coast on the other, we were treated to the most fantastic scenery during the cruise.


When we reached the Napali coast, the boat slowed down for us to enjoy the dramatic landscape. The coastline is unlike any other place we’ve visited. Since it is difficult to reach, the coast is well preserved. Pristine.


After a leisurely cruise along the Napali Coast, we turned around and were served “heavy appetizers” of pulled pork sliders, creamy chicken salad, veggie wraps, fruit, and dessert. We were also treated to multiple sightings of whales. And finally, upon our approach back to Port Allen, we witnessed a spectacular sunset that we toasted with a glass of champagne.


Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed our Napali Sunset Cruise with Holo-Holo Boat Tours. The cruise showcased Kauai’s natural sea and land beauty. Captain Glenn, Kama, and Bronson were all extremely attentive and knowledgeable guides. The attention to detail and caring about each guest made the cruise special. We cannot wait to return to Kauai and set sail on another spectacular cruise with Holo-Holo Boat Tours!

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