Kayak and Snorkel Adventures in Kauai Hawaii

05 February 2015 / By travel4foodfun@gmail.com

We are fortunate to have been able to travel to many places around the world and Kauai is one of our favorite destinations. The natural beauty and diversity of activities make each day different and exciting.


We decided to take a second excursion with Kayak Kauai since we thoroughly enjoyed our 5 hour Sacred Falls paddle and hike tour. This time, Tom and I chose the 3 hour Blue Lagoon Paddle and Snorkel Tour. The journey takes place in Hanalei River and Bay reef lagoon, which is situated in the north part of the island. If participants desire, they can meet at Kayak Kauai’s offices in Kapaa for the hour ride to Hanalei Bay. Tom and I wanted to explore Princeville and Hanalei Bay on our own, so we drove up ahead of time and met up with the tour in the afternoon.

The drive up the east coast of Kauai is stunning. There are several places for vehicles to pull over to enjoy the view. If you come across one, stop. Take photos. Bask in the beauty of your surroundings. Live in the moment. Enjoy yourself and your environment! At one point, Tom and I came across a completely deserted beach. We took advantage of this and just sat on the sand and listened to the waves crash against the shoreline.


Princeville is home to many hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. Hanalei Bay, just west of Princeville hosts many shops, restaurants, and bars. We had a small lunch there and then went to Black Pot County Beach Park by the Hanalei Pier to meet up for the excursion.

Amos was our guide for the afternoon. Originally from Northern California, Amos now resides in Princeville. Before hitting the water, Amos thoroughly described the tour. Since it is winter, the ocean water is a bit rough in the north part of Kauai. Amos gave our group terrific instructions on how and where to paddle so that we all can have a fun and safe experience.


The first part of the tour consisted of an hour-long paddle up and down the Hanalei River. The water was very peaceful, and the scenery was beautifully lush. The river was quiet compared to kayaking on the Wailua River. There were a few other kayaks and standup paddleboards. Otherwise, the river was ours alone to enjoy!

Then we ventured into the ocean and paddled to Hanalei Bay and the beach adjacent to the majestic St. Regis resort. At that point, we donned our mask, snorkel, and fins and snorkeled in the surprisingly warm waters. We saw several beautiful fish and a few eels. The group enjoyed drinks and snacks on the beach. Since it is winter, the waves beckoned the surfers. We had a great spot on the beach to watch the daredevils in action! It was a lovely afternoon playing in the water and basking in the sun. After getting our fill of snorkeling, we paddled back to the park from where we launched.


If you are looking for a leisurely paddle and snorkel in the north part of Kauai, we highly recommend Kayak Kauai’s 3 hour Blue Lagoon Paddle and Snorkel excursion. Tom and I had a fantastic time on the tour and loved our introduction to Princeville and Hanalei Bay. Amos was a very knowledgeable guide, and the trip was the perfect length of time to get a flavor of Kauai’s north coast. Thank you so much for the adventure Amos, Kayak Kauai, and Hawaii/Kauai Tourism Authority!

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