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Caribbean Tourism Organization(CTO) Week

We enjoy tasting different foods, engaging in exciting activities and learning about different regions and the people that make them unique. Ultimately, we just want to have fun with individuals we encounter during our travels (as well as in daily life)! One region that is particularly special to us is the Caribbean. We have travelled to the region several times …

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Overview National Harbor, Washington, D.C.

If you are visiting Washington, D.C. and interested in spending a fun and relaxing day along the Potomac River, consider a trip to National Harbor, MD. National Harbor is a 350 acre complex located 15 minutes away from the National Mall area, consisting of a multitude of shops, restaurants, hotels, a children’s museum, and a convention center. Seasonally, there are free …

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Private Tour of RdV Vineyards (Virginia Wine Country) Review

A few weeks ago, Tom and I were in the Washington, D.C. area for a conference. One gorgeous afternoon, we decided to explore the area. Both of us had previously visited the Capitol and its’ many monuments and museums. We wanted to do something different. My sister, Cindy, lived in Northern Virginia for many years and recommended touring the wine …

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2014 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

We are foodies through and through.  We love to try new foods and experiment with different preparations of products we already know and enjoy.  We keep up on what is trendy, but also refer back to classics.  Both of us have been involved in the restaurant business and have attended food and restaurant tradeshows.  It is a great way to …

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Torishin Restaurant Manhattan

One restaurant trend that we noticed is the uptick in popularity of restaurants featuring “small plates”.  We love this style of eating.  It encourages diners to share bites of food which not only allows for more variety of food at a meal, but also lends itself to “family-style” dining.  One of our favorite restaurants in NYC is a terrific example …

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New York City

New York City has undergone a huge transformation over our first visit over 20 years ago (wow, that dates us!)  Gone are the days when Times Square was the hub of shady dealings.  Now, it is a place for families to gather and see the huge neon signs amidst beautiful Broadway theaters and chain restaurants and stores.  The City is …

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Finger Lakes New York

The fall of 2013 took us to New York State’s Finger Lakes wine region.  Tom had the opportunity to visit there a number of years ago, but Lora had “driven” through but never explored the area. Both of us wanted to explore this wine region and knew it would be the perfect time to not only taste wine, but to …

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