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Comfort Foods in Sweet Home Alabama

On our recent cross country road trip, the state that Tom and I were most surprised about was Alabama. Truthfully, neither of us had any expectations about Alabama. We were just interested in eating some tasty food. Perhaps this lack of anticipation helped Alabama soar to the top tier of our favorite stops. The drive from Charleston, SC to Huntsville, …

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Exploring the Carolina Coast

When Tom and I were planning our cross-country road trip for our move from Connecticut to Southern California, we decided to take our time to discover the beauty and diversity of America. Since we have spent so much time in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area, we drove quickly out of the area to spend several days in the Carolinas. Our …

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Two perfect days in Charleston, SC

Charleston has always been on my bucket list of places to visit. The combination of beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, mature greenery, and an oceanfront location makes for a beautiful backdrop. More importantly, I was curious about the “Southern Charm” and culinary innovations that I’ve heard so much about. During our recent road trip, Tom and I decided to spend two …

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