How to Make First Class Air Tickets Affordable

09 February 2017 / By Sam Cohen

By Sam Cohen

Gourmet food, reclinable seats, flat screen TV – these are not the amenities of your living, rather these are some usual trappings of a first-class flight and it’s not a dream anymore. Though first class flights are more expensive than regular economy class irrespective of how you cut it, first-class tickets no more require you to break your bank. And obviously, you should be a smart shopper to bring the cost down significantly and obtain the elite status with different airlines.

Here are some steps that ensure first-class airlines tickets for cheap to some extent.

  1. Sign up with the official websites of different airlines for their newsletters that often offer discounts, coupons, and word of sales. You can also sign up for compilation newsletters offered by many websites. Airlines time and again arrange events featuring cheap-rate deals on their flights, but that is arranged exclusively for those who read their bulletins on a regular basis.
  2. Flying with the same airlines repetitively would give you frequent-flier miles. Your accumulated miles equal to loyalty in the eyes of the company and considering the loyalty they might, in turn, reward you with free or low-priced first-class upgrades. For example, to get a domestic ticket in exchange for just accumulated miles, you should have traveled between 40000 and 60000 miles and this applies to almost every airline.
  3. You can buy a special type of air ticket to get a first-class upgrade. For example, you can choose a Y-UP or K-UP – it would allow you to travel in first class if there is an availability of seat. You can also choose a full-fare economy flight ticket which comes with an option of a complimentary upgrade, provided seat is available. But make sure you check whether the upgrades are reserved for elite fliers only.
  4. You may go with an airline that features cheap first class section. Low-cost airlines usually have a different corresponding affordable first-class section compared to the luxury carriers. Such airlines also offer loyalty programs to record miles or flights and thus your trip can come handy later on.
  5. You can think about getting a credit card that rewards their clients with elite status as a perk. If you use that card to purchase a flight ticket, the carrier may give a discount on the cost of the flight, award significant miles on your purchase or give an automated upgrade. However, this option is available to those who are eligible for such hard-to-find credit cards.
  6. Keep checking for updates after you book your ticket. Some carriers offer cheap first class tickets upgrades only after you book the ticket. To find the updates, you have to log in to the reservation online before checking in for the flight. Some offers also pop up as you check in.

These are just some of many tips that would make your first class flights within your budget. Keep your eyes open for latest airlines updates and best deals alert available on the web.

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