No Frills, Just Thrills: African Adventure

30 September 2014 / By Ker & Downey

How do you and your spouse picture your ideal African adventure together as a couple? Sometimes the romantic frills of a beach honeymoon are lost on certain love-birds, (the kind that actually wants to fly). So in their honour, Ker & Downey Africa has put together our Top 5 List of Thrills to get lovers hearts pumping.

From hot air balloon rides during an adventure honeymoon in Tanzania, to shark cage diving in the Indian Ocean, Africa is waiting to be explored from every angle. Activities for love fueled adrenaline enthusiasts include: 

  1. Shark cage diving – Take a dip in the Indian Ocean, right beside the king of the sea, the Great White shark. Experience the ultimate bucket list adventure, tucked safely behind a cage, next to your best friend.

the cage


  1. Victoria Falls bridge swing – Grab hold tight and yo-yo into the Batoka Gorge and off the historical 420ft bridge. Take in the magical views that surround you, while hanging south between two African countries.



  1. Botswana quad bike safari – Climb aboard your 4-wheeler and get ready to experience Africa at your own pace. Adventure through the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans strapped in together with your life partner and ready for the wilderness ride of a lifetime.

Quad Bike Honeymoon Adventure


  1. Paraglide off Table Mountain – See Cape Town for the true beauty it is when flying off its natural world wonder Table Mountain. Nothing can beat the aerial views and soaring adrenaline of this tandem adventure.



  1. Hot air balloon rides in Tanzania – For the hopeless romantics who still want a thrill in their itinerary, this is definitely the activity for you. Sail above African skies in a hot air balloon, while you take in the thundering sounds of the Great Migration below you – a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you breathless.

Governors camp balloon

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