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Designers of Travel Experiences

What started as Tom & Lora’s personal blog about travel, food, and fun, has transformed into a passion for creating travel experiences for others. At Travel4FoodFun, we take personal care to create your own fantastic travel experience.

The Backstory. Tom was born in Thailand with an adventurous spirit. Lora’s wanderlust started as a toddler with travels to visit relatives in Asia. With a lifetime of extensive travel experiences and over 30 years in the medical profession, Tom and Lora combined their business savvy and wanderlust to create unique travel experiences for others. In addition to a love of travel, food, fun, and adventure, both are PADI Certified Scuba Divers.

What’s YOUR ideal travel story? Whatever your travel interests may be, we’ll work with you to inspire your own wanderlust. Our connection with Virtuoso’s network of preferred partners and access to local experts will get you exclusive benefits around the world.

*Currently, we are working out of Yokosuka, Japan.*

We look forward to working with you to create your own travel story.

Follow us on social media @travel4foodfun as we explore and share the unique personality of destinations around the world. Or contact us for your travel needs.

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