Do I really need Travel Insurance?

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Do I really need Travel Insurance?

Between missed connections, lost or delayed luggage, or medical emergencies, you want some peace of mind that your vacation investment is well protected. No matter whom you buy from – please consider purchasing a travel insurance protection plan before you travel on your next trip. Once you do purchase a Travel Insurance policy (from whom ever you have decided), you must always keep all pertinent receipts and documentation! It will make your case for recovery/reimbursement that much easier.

The Good – Lora’s Trip Experiences

  • On one occasion, Lora and her sister had a 7 night Celebrity cruise booked. Two days prior to departure, their mother was hospitalized. Luckily, they purchased trip insurance and was able to obtain a full refund.
  • During a 14 night Princess European cruise; the ship’s engine failed 2 days prior to disembarkation. The ship docked 14 hours behind schedule, which caused my sister and me to miss our international flight home. Once again, we had the foresight to purchase travelers insurance. The insurance reimbursed us for our new tickets home…, which is pricy when purchased the day of departure in the heart of the summer travel season!

The Bad – Tom’s Trip Experiences

  • On a number of previous business trips, I’ve come to rely on the set schedule of the airlines, airports and weather. As we all know, these factors are unpredictable and things happen to cause delays and cancellations to the aggravation and grief on my part (the traveler).
  • Several times I’ve been punished on flight delays, terminal changes and unpredictability of the weather (especially flying across the U.S.).
  • Until I discovered on my own the benefits of Travel Insurance, I dealt with the consequences of missed connections due to weather as well as missing checked luggage.

Below are 5 reasons you should consider insuring yourself and your vacation

  1. Trip Cancellation and Interruption – Often a traveler will lose nonrefundable deposits and payments that can add up to hundreds – if not – thousands of dollars. A travel protection plan can provide trip cancellation coverage for the traveler’s vacation investment – the insurance company reimburses the traveler for prepaid, non-refundable and unused payments or deposits for a covered reason.
  2. Travel Delays or Missed Connections – Covers expenses such as accommodations, meals, transportation expenses, and unused arrangements.
  3. Medical Expenses – You should first check with your medical insurance provider about level of coverage while traveling. Even if your plan covers you, travel insurance can act as your secondary insurance and pay any additional costs.
  4. Emergency Assistance and Evacuation – Can you think of a better reason? You don’t want to risk the possibility of needing this coverage and not having it; or having limitations on the dollar value (remote medical evacuations typically cost at least $15,000.00)
  5. Protect your Belongings – from loss, theft or damage, or the need for emergency purchase of necessary personal effects if your baggage is delayed for more than 24 hours during your covered trip.

So how much?

The cost of travel insurance protection is based, in most cases, upon the value of the trip, the length of the trip and the plan purchased.

For coverage information, a free quote, or to purchase a policy, please contact us for additional information. Safe travels!

*if you choose not to accept travel insurance, we are required by our host agency to have you sign an insurance waiver form here*
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