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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHowever, there is more to Las Vegas than the glitz and glamour with which it is typically associated. Look to the distance, and you see beautiful desert and mountains in the distance. On a recent visit to Las Vegas, we wanted to experience the outdoors and explore adventures beyond The Strip. Tom enjoys mountain biking and I was curious about the sport. So during our recent trip to Las Vegas, we decided to explore mountain biking tours in the area.
Prior to our trip, we researched mountain biking tour companies via the Internet. While perusing Tripadvisor’s “things to do” in Las Vegas, we came across a company that had wonderful reviews. The tour company we decided upon was: Cycle Vegas Bicycle Tours. Owner/tour guide Bob McCall was incredibly prompt with returning our request for information. Bob can lead both road and mountain biking tours. We indicated that we were interested in a mountain biking tour of Red Rock Canyon that would be suitable for a beginner as I had never mountain biked. We also provided Bob our height information so that the correct bike size could be selected. Since Tom mountain bikes regularly, he brought his own camelback pack for water, helmet, gloves, pedals, and shoes. If you don’t have any equipment like me, no worries! Bob provides everything for the tour. You just need to show up with adequate clothing for a biking trip.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince we had a rental car, we met Bob halfway to the site of our tour. In addition to us a lovely couple, Marco and Ana, also participated in the tour. Prior to hitting the trails, we all got accustomed to the bikes and gear in the parking lot. We were impressed with the quality and condition of the equipment. Although the tour was for beginners, it was still incredibly challenging with different terrain to cover. There were also a number of uphill stretches that give you a fantastic cardiovascular workout! I was thankful for my spinning classes and the seated uphill climbs.  It really did help me get through the hills.  The landscape was gorgeous with beautiful mountains, cactus, yucca plants, and joshua trees. Throughout the tour, there were breaks for water and photos. At these points, Bob would ask the group where we would like to go. He would suggest a few paths and describe their terrain. Bob was incredibly accommodating and wanted everyone in the group to be comfortable with the ride. We felt truly lucky to have experienced this incredible mountain biking tour of Red Rock Canyon with Bob. It is amazing that beautiful Red Rock Canyon is a quick 30-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip.
And now, the reality check: I am so thankful for the patience of everyone in the tour. To be honest, this was my first time mountain biking and I wanted to give up within the first 20 feet of the trail. I was so frightened that I came to a dead stop and caused Tom to fall onto a cactus, leaving him with two bloody puncture wounds to the face. However, Bob and Tom were incredibly helpful and gave great tips and words of encouragement. Since it was my first experience mountain biking, I trailed the rest of the group. However throughout the 4-hour tour, I gained more confidence. Although it was at times frightening, I really grew to enjoy the thrill of mountain biking and am looking forward to future rides. So, for first timers like me, do not let inexperience deter you from this amazing outing.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThroughout the tour, we were able to learn more about Bob McCall and Cycle Vegas Bicycle Tours. Bob is a retired Geologist. His passion is biking and he wants to share the sport with others. It is this reason why Bob started Cycle Vegas in 2012. Bob also appreciates the outdoors and other activities such as camping and rock climbing. We enjoyed learning more about the beautiful desert and the many ways in which to enjoy nature. Bob was very knowledgeable about the landscape and pointed out interesting plant and animal life during the tour. Do yourself a favor and venture away from the Strip during your next visit to Las Vegas. If you are interested in biking, be sure to contact Bob McCall of Cycle Vegas Bicycle Tours. He will make sure you have a great experience. If anyone has suggestions on other outdoor activities near Las Vegas, let us know!

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