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We are always searching for different traveling experiences. Because of this, we mindfully decided to try an American based carrier for our trans-Pacific flight from the US to SE Asia. American Airlines offers a highly regarded route from Dallas to Hong Kong. So, we exchanged our miles for business class tickets to begin our journey to the other side of the world.

American Airlines Lounge:

One of the perks of flying business and first class is access to the airline lounge. Dallas is a major hub for American Airlines and the lounge reflects this position. Overlooking the runway, the lounge provides the perfect way to start a long flight. Our trip commenced with an overnight flight from Southern California and we needed to freshen up. This is the first time for us to try the shower rooms. They were extremely clean and revitalizing for us. The snack selection is decent and the beverage options are extensive. All together, a comfortable start to the trip!

Initial Impression:

The aircraft is new and modern. Boarding is a breeze and efficient. The seats are comfortable and private. Tom and I mindfully selected seats in the small, front section of business class. Situated directly behind the small first class cabin, it provides a more quiet and intimate experience.


The Seats:

Being the industry norm for international flights, the seats fully recline to a bed. Each has a cushion cover to increase comfort, a warm blanket, a full size pillow, slippers and pajamas. Everyone receives a Cole Haan amenity bag complete with socks, eye mask, lotion, lip balm, toothbrush and paste. The Bose headsets are a nice touch to wear while watching a dizzying number of movies and shows. However, in comparing the seats to those on Cathay Pacific, the American Airlines version feels slightly more compact.



The attendants are warm and efficient. . Although Wi-Fi availability is a huge drawing point for this flight, we were unable to logon. The change happened recently from Go-Go in-flight Wi-Fi to Panasonic. This is a huge disappointment, as we need to work during the 16-hour flight.

In Flight Meals and Beverages:

Prior to our flight, we were able to select our main meal. Tom’s steak was tender and my curry duck was flavorful, but a bit greasy (more so than expected for duck). Snacks are available throughout the flight, including a hummus plate, boa, chips, and Ghirardelli chocolates. Breakfast includes an omelet or a fruit and yogurt option. We both dined on the eggs and it’s decent. There is a decent selection of beverages. However, the champagne ran out a few hours into the flight.



Our Tips:

For a US based carrier, American Airlines’ business class flight from Dallas to Hong Kong is decent. However, in comparison with Cathay Pacific (an Asian based carrier), American Airlines is inferior in terms of food and service. The majority of travelers on this flight are Asians and we expect more Asian food options. American did not deliver. Also, on Cathay Pacific, we are always addressed by name, whereas on American, we are just another passenger. When paying a lot of money, we expect personalized and exceptional service and amenities.

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