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17 August 2016 / By travel4foodfun@gmail.com

We are always searching for unique foods to try. Different flavors and textures also pique our interest. One food item that we enjoy eating is sausage. Although we enjoy cooking sausages, we are unfamiliar with the process of making the tasty links. Fortunately, there is a class in San Diego that teaches sausage making. Naturally, Tom and I signed up for the session.

Heart and Trotter

Heart and Trotter

The Heart and Trotter is a whole animal butchery in San Diego. The shop focuses on the highest quality, hormone and antibiotic free meats and meat products from local sustainable ranchers and businesses. We are happy to know that the class features a great educational component, while supporting local businesses.

DSC_0035Our sausage making class commenced immediately after the shop closed for regular business at 7PM on a Wednesday evening. Prior to starting, 4 other students in addition to ourselves toured the shop and sipped on beers. Next up: decision time. Should we make breakfast sausage, mild Italian sausage, or a spicy Italian sausage? Since we are not big breakfast eaters, we decided to make both variations of the Italian sausage.

DSC_0043This class is a hands-on experience. With recipes in hand for guidance, we set off to make delicious sausage. This entails adding various dried and fresh seasonings to the ice cold ground pork and then kneading the mixture for 3 minutes. By the way, working with chilled meat is the key to the sausage making process.

DSC_0051After we prepared our pork, it was placed in the walk-in refrigerator to chill prior to the casing process. In the meantime, all of the students cooked up a small test patty to sample. Naturally, this is the best part of the evening!

DSC_0054The last step is to put the seasoned pork into a sausage form. By hand, we piped our mixture into natural hog casings. The fun part is tying off each link to make individual portions. At the end of the 2 hour class, we bring home the fruits of our labor: 3 lbs of sausage and a good deal of knowledge.

DSC_0042Sausage 101: How to make sausage is a fantastic class. It provides a lot of great information as well as hands-on experience. Tom and I highly recommend this fun culinary experience for anyone interested in food or simply enjoying a fun culinary activity with friends.

Cooking and searching for those amazing foods is what we do! Contact us! We can help!

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