Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

16 April 2015 / By travel4foodfun@gmail.com

My dad was raised in this fantastic global city, and the majority of my extended family remains here. My sister Cindy and I spent numerous summers in this magical place during our adolescence.


When Tom and I were planning our trip to SE Asia, we decided to extend our layover in Hong Kong to 24 hours. I wanted to show Tom one of my favorite cities. And by chance, my dad also happened to be visiting Hong Kong during our layover. How perfect!


We decided to meet my dad at Temple Street Night Market for dinner. If you have been to Asia, you know every market sells the same knockoffs and touristy knickknacks. The only thing my dad and I found interesting was the lack of crowds. Where are all of the tourists? The last time we visited, we could barely walk from stall to stall as the road was stacked with shoppers. Not this time. Hmmm. Very interesting.


Our visit to Temple Street, however, was not to shop. We were there to eat! The market has several streets dedicated to seafood restaurants. My dad took Tom and me to his favorite restaurant. Then he set out with the server to select several delectable seafood treasures still swimming in tanks.


Oh wow! The dishes easily made this the best seafood meal I’ve ever had. The first course was razor clams in black bean sauce. It was very flavorful and not too salty (which can sometimes be the case with black bean sauce). It was prepared with onions, scallions, ginger, garlic, and hot peppers.


The second course was a platter of GIGANTIC Mantis Shrimp. I mean, gargantuan! I’ve never seen them this big! They were fried in an incredibly light batter, just enough to enhance the flavor and texture, but not to take away from the taste of these creatures.


Next, we got an enormous platter of crabs. These delicacies were stir-fried with the usual Cantonese condiments: garlic, ginger, soy, onion, scallion, and hot peppers. The meat from these large crabs was so flavorful and juicy. It was an absolute winner.


Finally, we had fresh whole steamed fish in a light soy sauce, garnished with ginger, garlic, onions, and scallions. The fish was so moist and flavorful. You can tell how fresh the product was!  I really cannot describe how fantastic this meal was. The seafood was as clean as can be. The preparation used ingredients that enhanced and not overpowered the seafood. The ambiance of the market was fun. And best of all was the company. There are no two better men in my life than my husband and my dad. I will cherish and never forget this special meal at the Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon, Hong Kong!

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HI, what is the name of this seafood restaurant?

Hi Cheryl:
Apologies but when we went to Temple Street-We just walked around and found a vendor that had various types of live seafood swimming around in a variety of “tubs” and began our feast! It was all about the adventure. Hope that helps.

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