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If you are average folk like us, you may need to plan a budget in advance of your getaway. Do you still think a trip is still out of reach? Look no further than here. We have compiled a listing of unique ways to travel around the world on someone else’s dime.

  • Crowdfunding

Believe it or not, crowdfunding sites contain campaigns for practically everything under the sun. This includes travel.  Bring on your creativity and marketing skills and pitch your cause to the public.  Your effort will be acknowledged by strangers and well-wishing friends and relatives funding your dream trip!  We recommend looking at the following sites to jumpstart your fundraising:

FundMy Travel 


Weddings can be expensive.  Also, an equally important component of this pricy celebration is the honeymoon! What is a couple to do?

Luxury Travel Works Honeymoon Gift Registry is a fantastic option.  Similar to a wedding or baby registry, couples plan their honeymoon and invite friends and family to purchase items contributing to their honeymoon dream vacation.

If you are interested in a program that is like a savings account that allows friends and family to contribute, check out:


There is an excellent site for a group to pool money together for a common goal, such as a dream trip.  Check out Tilt 

One mainstream company that is getting into the crowdfunding business is Facebook.  Although currently on available for Businesses and Non-profits, we foresee this moving to the general population realm soon! (

  • Grants and Fellowships

Although this is geared more toward students, there are some opportunities available for ordinary travelers.

Educators should check out the grants offered by UNESCO 

For some up-to-date travel grants for students, look at’s page on this topic.

  • Volunteer

This option doesn’t necessarily provide a free trip, but it can help you have a nicely discounted getaway!

Do you enjoy the outdoors and camping?  Check out the opportunities available through the National Park Service.  Volunteers can do things such as cleaning up trails or utilizing artistic skills to promote the parks.

Are you interested in a Peace Corps like experience, but not wanting to commit yourself for 2-3 years? If so, then look into becoming a UN Volunteer. Another organization that provides similar 1-2 week volunteering stints is Global Volunteers.

If you are interested in protecting our planet, look no further than Earthwatch Institute.  The trips are a little pricy, but offer an incredible learning experience.

Our Advice:

There are many creative ways to fund your next vacation. Don’t let finances prevent you from your getaway.  Look outside the box to finance that much needed trip.  Don’t wait!  Just do it!

Discovering cultures, foods and adventures is what we are all about.  Ready to take ‘that” journey to somewhere special?  Contact us!

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