High Roller Observation Wheel-Las Vegas, NV.

01 May 2014 / By travel4foodfun@gmail.com

photo 5The world’s tallest observation wheel, The High Roller, opened in Las Vegas on March 31, 2014. To put it in perspective, The High Roller, which stands at 550 feet tall, eclipses the London Eye by over 100 feet. This is one tall wheel! Prior to leaving for our trip to Las Vegas, we learned about the opening of this new attraction and while on the plane, we decided to buy tickets ahead of time to avoid possible lines. Cruising somewhere over the middle part of America on US Air, we utilized wifi in the air, went to The High Roller  and purchased our tickets online. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Once we arrived in Las Vegas, we saw The High Roller from the Strip. Honestly, even though it is tall, it didn’t seem very impressive. Since we already purchased our tickets, however, we carried on with our plan to take a trip on the wheel. We took a leisurely stroll down The Strip from the Aria to The High Roller. The observation wheel is the show stopping attraction of The Linq, The Strip’s newest outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment center. From Las Vegas Boulevard, we took our time exploring The Linq’s shops and restaurants on our way to the Wheel. Once we reached The High Roller, we were pleasantly surprised by how organized the process was from ticketing to the wheel. Since we purchased our tickets online, we simply showed them our confirmation email and received tickets in exchange. As with other tourist events, your photo is taken so that you may purchase it after the ride. Next, we took an escalator upstairs where you walk through a concession/bar area. If you didn’t already secure snacks or beverages, this is your last opportunity to grab something for the ride. We entered about the same time a group of loud, drunk 20-somethings arrived. If you don’t want to spend the ride with a rowdy crowd, hang back and simply take the next cabin. The High Roller consists of 28 cabins, each of which can accommodate up to 40 people. We went in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. There weren’t many people at this time of day, so our cabin contained only 9 occupants, including us (and thankfully, minus the loud group).
photo 1Any prior thoughts of hesitation about going on The High Roller were quickly abated. The cabin has two bench seats, but everyone stood for the majority of the 30 minute ride. There are small screen above the two doors that keep track of the ride’s progression around the wheel, including height of the cabin. Throughout the 30 minute ride, the screens also play a video off and on of your “guide” who conveys information about The High Roller ride as well as some interesting information about Las Vegas. Although the High Roller doesn’t appear particularly impressive in the distance, the view from the cabins proved to be spectacular. You can clearly see the entire length of The Strip and the mountains in the background framed Las Vegas perfectly. Due to our short visit, we could only ride The High Roller during the daytime. We can imagine how magnificent the lights would appear in the evening. If you find yourself in Las Vegas and want to try something different, we highly recommend a ride on The High Roller. You will undoubtedly be impressed with the wondrous view and photo opportunities!

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