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Villa Inle Resort


I recently traveled to Myanmar and visited the country’s top destinations.  My favorite place is the culturally rich and visually stunning Inle Lake area.  After a full day of sightseeing, I was thrilled to stay at the incomparable Villa Inle Resort. This property is one of the premier boutique hotels in Inle Lake.  Situated on over 20 acres, this lakefront hotel is ecologically mindful and very elegant.  The property feels like a secluded and luxurious eco-resort.

Villa Inle Resort

Villa Inle Resort

An hour flight from Yangon, Villa Inle Resort is situated on the eastern fringe of Inle Lake.  The 20+ acre grounds blend seamlessly into the environment.  Centuries old trees are preserved and featured on the property.  Guests are encouraged to appreciate the local environment.  I was incredibly impressed by the management’s commitment to preserving the land and wildlife.  It was a joy to witness the beauty of the Lake and know that Villa Inle Resort is helping to maintain the natural balance of property, lake, and wildlife in the region.

Villa Inle Resort

Villa Inle Resort

There are only 27 secluded lakefront villas. This allows for an intimate stay.  I felt like the hotel was mine to enjoy.  I didn’t run into many tourists.  It was enjoyable to view the lake and wildlife without crowds of travelers disturbing the peace and tranquility of the property.  The well-appointed villas have all of the luxurious touches I appreciate: wi-fi, beautiful furnishings, comfortable bed, and a large bathroom.

Sustainable Tourism:

Villa Inle Lake actively supports sustainable tourism.  Rather than build a monstrous resort, only 27 villas were constructed.  This allows guests like me to enjoy the natural beauty of Inle Lake and the surrounding land without creating a strain on natural resources. Many employees live on-site which creates a feeling of visitors like myself to feel like I’m a guest in their home instead in a sterile property. Energy and water use is conserved, and waste is minimized.  I was happy to see these practices in play during my stay. It felt good knowing that my visit had a minimal impact on the environment.


Be sure to treat yourself to a spa treatment!  I had the best muscle knot melting hot stone massage that I’ve ever experienced.


The buffet breakfast served Burmese and international cuisine.  My favorite was the national dish: mohinga, a fish soup. In the evening, I enjoyed sipping on cocktails to reflect and unwind from a day of enjoying the sights of Inle Lake.  The prices are incredibly affordable, which is always a great thing!

Inle Lake:

Since you are on Inle Lake, you must explore all it has to offer.  I experienced a plethora of activities and found it to be my favorite destination in Myanmar.  The lake is life for so many people.  Be sure to take a boat ride and observe the locals’ everyday activities.  Farming on Lake Inle is an important business.  Some of the tastiest tomatoes that I have tried are from here.  Fishing not only allows for fantastic photos (of the iconic leg paddling), it also is an important food source.  For a unique experience, arrange for a dining meal prepared and enjoyed in the middle of Inle Lake.  This was hands down, my favorite meal/experience during my visit to Myanmar.


Inle Lake is my favorite region to visit in Myanmar. There is so much to see and do! This UNESCO designated biosphere reserve is a special place that should be on every traveler’s “must visit” list. During your visit to Inle Lake, I highly recommend staying at Villa Inle Resort. This eco-boutique hotel embraces sustainable tourism practices while upholding a truly luxurious stay for guests.  It’s THE place to stay at Inle Lake!

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