Why should you use a Virtuoso Travel Advisor?

Why should you use a Virtuoso Travel Advisor?

With global connections and unparalleled expertise, we save you valuable time, and transform do-it-yourself trips into extraordinary customized travel experiences.  From weekend getaways to trips of a lifetime, count on us: your Virtuoso travel agents.

Virtuoso travel professionals specialize in completely customized vacations for their clients in addition to a full range of travel services.  Whether you spend your vacation on this planet or beyond, trust a Virtuoso affiliated travel advisor to make a world of difference.  The world’s finest travel agencies and advisors are Virtuoso.

Hotel and Resort reservations worldwideWe specialize in luxury accommodations.

We have access to negotiated Virtuoso hotel rates that represent savings and many amenities such as free room upgrade upon arrival, free breakfast and resort credit for our clients!  Ask us how!








Thailand Specialist 

Hawaii Destination Expert Certification
Hawaii Destination Specialist Certification
St. Kitts Agent Destination Specialist

Shangri-La Specialist
Australis Cape Horn and Patagonia Specialist

Custom Travel Planning

Experience travel planning like you have never seen before (customized itinerary planning).  With our Virtuoso on-site partners throughout the world and a selected collection of the finest tour operators and ground personnel, we are able to arrange virtually most anything for you.


100% Custom Tailored Trip

Based on your individual interests and budget


Assistance with choosing destination(s)

Lodging, transportation and local activities


Booking and reconfirmation

of all travel components


Concierge-level service

Advice on and assistance with all travel-related items, including dining, spa, travel insurance, currency exchange, etc


Peace of mind while traveling with 24/7 back-up assistance available via text, emails or phone

For new honeymoon clients, complimentary planning and booking of a 1st anniversary getaway, to be taken within 18 months of the honeymoon trip customized by Travel4foodfun. Only valid for trips to a single destination within the United States, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. Multi-destination or highly customized trips outside these areas are eligible for a $100 discount on typical planning fees.

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Honeymooners, Adventurers & Everyone Else

From booking a hotel or cruise to an entire destination wedding or family vacation, we can plan down to the smallest detail. We work directly with hotels, helicopter touring companies and so many others to make your experience unforgettable and stress free.


Cruises specializing in small luxury ships worldwide



Destination Wedding-01

Destination Weddings



Food and Wine-01

Food & Wine


Adventure travel (from easy to the extreme)

vacation package-01

Tours and unique vacation packages


Family vacations and travel


Small group travel

Getting Started

To become a client and start in on your program, we require a plan-to-go deposit, which will be applied to your total fee. The balance of your planning fee will be charged once you have “signed off” on your final itinerary. Service fees and charges are subject to change and are posted here on this website. Service fees are non-refundable.

Travel4FoodFun Fee Structure Length of Trip
 7 days or less
8 to 19 days
19 to 29 days
30 Days or more*
North America, Central America, South America, Caribbean, and Hawaii
(single location)
$199 $199 $199 $299
Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Indian Ocean, and Africa (single location) $199 $199 $199 $299
Europe, Russia, India, Middle East, and rest of world (single location) $199 $199 $199 $299
Any destination
(multiple locations)
$299 $299 $299 $299
Get Started
* Above fees are per trip in $US. Trip length includes days in transit.
* If combining two or more destinations, planning fee will be the higher of the two.
* For trips of 30 days or longer, our fee may vary so please contact us for an exact quote.


Visa and Passport Services

When you need a visa or passport to visit a foreign country, we can refer you to our Virtuoso preferred service partner CIBT Visa Services.

Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation, Medical, Emergency Evacuation, trip delay, baggage, or accident.  Travel insurance is highly recommended.  We are able to assist you in this matter. There are several options based upon your needs.  Otherwise, we need for you to fill out the Travel Insurance Advisement and Waiver.  We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance every time you travel.

blue plane

Airline reservations and ticketing worldwide

We will help book your reservation(s)* and send you an itinerary by e-mail or fax and ask for your approval. Once approved, you are subject to the cancellation and change penalties.  You are responsible for knowing your correct name as it appears on your passport.  Name changes on tickets are not allowed by the airlines.

We are happy to record your frequent membership number in your air, car or hotel reservation.  We do not search flights, book reservations or ticket frequent flyer award tickets or upgrades using miles.  But, we can refer you to web-based resources that you could utilize yourselves.

*see additional surcharges below

Additional Surcharges

  • Initiation of planning between 45 and 14 days of departure – $100
  • Initiation of planning within 14 days of departure – fee(s) based on nature of request
    Please note: that part of the terms and conditions of ticketing with Travel4foodfun is that it is the responsibility of the traveler(s) to reconfirm his/her flights at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • For the issue of any airline ticket(s), a $50 per ticket/per person for a domestic USA ticket.  For all international tickets, the service fee is $50 per ticket.  For intra-European, intra-Asia the fee is $50 per ticket.  Fees for changes and re-issue to an already existing International or domestic ticket are $75 plus airline penalties and whatever new fare is applicable.
  • Voiding a ticket.  Sometimes the airline allows us to void a ticket within 24 hours of the ticket being issued.  If it is allowed (and sometimes it is not allowed by the airline) and you need the ticket voided; we are happy to provide this service to you.  This only applies to tickets issued by us.  Fee for this void:  $50 per ticket.
  • Cancellation of a complete ticket issued by us:  $50 plus the penalty of the airline.
  • Issue fee for paper ticket $50 plus the airline service fee.
  • Cancellation of a consolidator ticket.  $100 fee per ticket plus any penalties imposed by the consolidator.  The $100 fee is charged up front to begin the cancellation/refund process and is a regular service fee charge.  Travel insurance (hyperlink to the travel insurance article) is highly recommended.
  • Name changes (spelling, correct ID name change) if allowed by the carrier are $50 per ticket plus Airline fee and reissue service fee.
  • Reissue, refund, and exchange of air ticket:  $75 per ticket.
  • Hotel reservations:  Cancellation of hotel reservations is $35 per reservation, plus any telephone/fax charges.  Fax charges are usually $10.  Changes to an existing hotel reservation are subject to a $25 to $35 service fee.  The hotels for certain changes and cancellations impose cancellation fees.  Credit cards (place credit card information here) are necessary to hold your reservation and will be charged to your credit card.
  • Telephone and Fax charges.  Telephone charges are billed at whatever the rate is when the call is made on your behalf.  Fax charges are $10 per fax, which includes preparation of fax cover and any extra pages.
  • Travel document shipping & handling (UPS 2nd Day Air) – usually $18.95 to $22.95 (to most US addresses)
  • Documents & Shipping.  In these days of electronic tickets it is not always necessary to have actual paper document, however there are a few cases where you must carry hard copy document/tickets with you on your trip.  For security and safety we will ship your documents to you via FedEx.  This FedEx charge, while it will be the least expensive rate, will be automatically billed to the credit card you have given us to purchase your travel arrangements or you can give us your FedEx account number for billing.  If you lose your documents or they are destroyed there is a fee of $50 to replace them plus any fee imposed by the supplier and any shipping charges involved.
  • FedEx delivery of travel documents.  Your travel documents are important and critical for a successful trip.  This is why we take care to ship to you via FedEx on your behalf.  It is an expense and you will automatically be charged for this service, as it is not included in the price of your travel.  All travel documents (cruise, tour, etc.) will be expertly packaged and shipped to you via FedEx and this will charged to your credit card or your FedEx account (if you have one).  Please advise us if you have someone to sign for the documents when they arrive.  Otherwise, we will ship with no signature required.   If you want your documents sent to you overnight (most expensive) you will need to notify us of this, otherwise we will ship your documents to you the least expensive way possible.
  • Cruises and Tour Cancellation.  Changes, cancellations & refunds:  $50 per person in addition to any penalty by the cruise or tour company for changes to an existing reservation.  A cancellation is not considered a change.  Once you have made your deposit there are charges to make any change.  Once you have made your deposit, there are charges to make any change.  Travel4foodfun does charge you a service fee for changes/cancellation:  $50 per person for a change or cancellation in addition to any penalties imposed by the cruise line or tour operator.  This service fee is charged out at the beginning of the change/cancel request to your credit card.  Travel insurance (use hyperlink here), with trip cancellation protection, is highly recommended and always offered when you are making you initial reservation and deposit.
  • Travel4foodfun, llc. Is insured by Aon Affinity Travel Practice.